10 Best TV Wall Mount Brackets in 2020


When you buy a flat-screen TV, you have two options, either you place it on a TV stand or mount it on a wall. But if you want to give your living space a cleaner design, you would go with the second option. Mounting it on the wall with the help of wall mounts have some advantages over placing the TV on the traditional TV stand. First of all, it saves you space and you don’t need to buy a TV stand for that purpose only. Secondly, wall mounts have additional functionalities and are more versatile. If you have decided that you want it but can’t set your mind on choosing one. Then we have put together a list of best TV wall mounts so you can know what to look for while buying.

Types Of TV Mounts

There are basically three types namely fixed, tilting and turning TV mounts.

1. Fixed

This is the basic kind of mount and generally, most of the companies already provide it in addition to the TV. Out of all types of brackets, these ones are the easiest to install but they are not as functional. Once you install your TV with this, you cannot change the screen or wires. If you are going with this kind of mount then first make sure the viewing angle is proper and lighting is minimum in the room. So you don’t end up with glare and reflections on your TV. Nonetheless, it keeps your TV very close to the wall and gives a sleek look overall.

2. Tilting

These ones are a bit costlier than the fixed ones but let you adjust the angle of the TV vertically. It provides a comfortable TV viewing experience as it can prevent glares caused by reflection or TV angle. It is optimum for someone who wants to install the TV higher so you can adjust it to a downward angle. For example, if you want to install a TV in your bedroom and want to watch it from your bed.

3. Turning

It allows you the maximum movement of a TV. You can turn, tilt or swivel your TV vertically or horizontally with this kind of mount. It keeps your TV at a fair distance from the wall that makes it easier to install and uninstall the unit. Unlike fixed ones, you can adjust your wires and cables easily without having to remove the TV from the mount. It is best for someone who needs to install a TV near the corner of the wall but the furniture is on the other side.

How To Choose A TV Wall Mount?

Buying a wall mount for your TV could be a bit complicated. Especially when you don’t know what factors to consider to meet your requirements. Let’s find out what to look for before buying one.


The first thing you should look for is if it can support your TV size or not. They come in a various range of sizes and you should always look for the one that can support your TV size. For example, if your TV is 45 inch in size then go for a mount that supports 32-60 inch.


As mentioned above there are three designs- Fixed, tilting and the turning one. You should choose according to your requirement. Fixed doesn’t take much space and looks simple and intact. While with tilting you get a limited vertical movement but it is still closer to the wall. With turning you get full motion and lot of adjustment options. Depending on your furniture position you should decide if you want a movement on your TV or not.


Always do your research and look for a mount that can support the weight of your TV. Even if a mount can fit your TV size, it might not support your TV weight and your TV might fall down. If you don’t want that then check the how much your TV weighs under specification and then choose the mount accordingly. That being said, TVs doesn’t weigh much nowadays so you probably will be fine if installing the latest model.


Two different wall mounts can offer exactly the same features and functionalities but can have a huge price difference. This could be due to the company value or quality of the product. So go according to what fits your price range and seems a reasonable price for the product. A cheaper one is not necessarily a bad quality product.

VESA Pattern

The VESA pattern is a mounting standard based on the space between the four mounting points on the back of a TV. A common VESA size for a standard wall mount is 600 x 400 mm. Therefore it will support a TV with VESA pattern 600 x 400 or less. In the specification of the TV wall mount, manufacturers will always mention the supported VESA size. To find your TVs VESA pattern, its best to measure them with a measuring tape or refer its user manual.

Best TV Wall Mount Brackets

1. Mount-It MI-318B

Mount-It MI-318B


  • Supported TV Size: 32 – 60 inches
  • Supported TV Weight: 175 Pounds

Price: $31.99

If you need to adjust your TV very often, then Mount-It MI-318B is a great option for this price. It is a very sturdy TV wall mount that can easily hold a TV that measures from 32 to 60 inches and weigh up to 175 pounds. Usually, a 60-inch flat screen TV will not weigh more than 80 pounds. It is a tilting type mount so TV will stick 1.5 inches from your wall and can tilt up to 12 degrees. It supports the TV with VESA pattern of up to 600 x 400 which is a standard pattern size for TVs of up to 60 inches. But still, you should check TV for supported VESA size before purchasing TV mounts. It can be easily installed with a built-in bubble level on the top bar to mount it on a level.

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2. Sanus Systems VMPL50A-B1Sanus Systems VMPL50A-B1


  • Supported TV Size: 32 – 70 inches
  • Supported TV Weight: 130 Pounds

It will work perfectly with 32 to 70 inch TV that weighs up to 130 pounds. This one is compatible with TVs that have VESA patterns of up to 673 x 438, that is good for almost all TVs nowadays. When installed, the distance from your TV and wall will be 1.8 inch that is sufficient space for adjusting cords to TV and maintain a clean and sleek look. It is a tilting mount but you can also adjust your TV horizontally in addition to Vertical tilt adjustment of maximum 10 degrees. While 10 degrees doesn’t sound like much when compared to other options but its tilt adjustment is so smooth and can be managed with just a slight push.

In its user manual, you will find every detailed information related to mounting it on the wall properly. It also has its own cord management system to keep the cords and wire in place. The best thing about Sanus is they give 10 years warranty for their product and have very cooperative customer service.

3. Mounting Dream MD2380

Mounting Dream MD2380


  • Supported TV Size: 32 – 55 inches
  • Supported TV Weight: 99 lbs

Price: $39.99

This wall mount TV Bracket is known for its durability due to steel material and powder coated finish in its components. The Mounting Dream MD2380 will fit most of the 32 to 55 inches TVs that have VESA pattern as close as 75 x 75 to as wide as 400 x 400. The maximum weight a TV that can be supported on this TV bracket is 99 lbs. It is a full-motion or turning TV mount with articulating arm that can tilt, rotate and swivel. The maximum can tilt up to 15 degrees, rotate up to 3 degrees and swivel up to 45 degrees and provide a smooth experience for viewing TV from multiple angles. Mount can retract to 3 inches from the wall and can extend to 15.2 inches. It ships with all the necessary attachments, bubble level, and a 9 inch HDMI cable.

4. VideoSecu MW340B2

VideoSecu MW340B2


  • Supported TV Size: 32 – 65 inches
  • Supported TV Weight: 100 lbs

Price: $33.99

It is another great low price TV mount that can hold TVs ranging from 32-inch to 65-inch screen. Its design supports a TV with VESA pattern of 100 x 100 to 400 x 400. It has a low profile clean design with two articulating arms for added strength and can hold 100 lbs of weight. Those arms can extend out to 14 inches from the wall and can retract back to 2.3 inches distance. Another advantage is that you can easily mount it onto the wooden wall studs. You can tilt and swivel TV to the optimum viewing angle of 12 degrees and 130 degrees. The package includes some common hardware attachment and a 6 inch HDMI cable.

5. Mount-It TV Ceiling Mount Bracket

Mount-It TV Ceiling Mount Bracket


  • Supported TV Size: 32 – 75 inches
  • Supported TV Weight: 110 lbs

Price: $60.99

It is a bit different from other TV mounts in this list. Instead of mounting it on a regular wall, you can mount it on the ceiling wall. The TV mounted on its bracket hangs from a heavy duty rod that is attached to the ceiling. This kind of wall mount saves a lot of space, provide more flexibility to your TV and takes lesser time to install. The other perk is while moving the TV you are not left with ugly drill holes on your walls. Additionally, it provides all the functionalities such as tilt, swivel, and rotation for 32 to 75 inch TV. Compatible with standard VESA patterns of 200 x 200 to 600 x 400 and can support up to 110lbs. It is best for use in homes, schools, hospitals, office, etc.

6. Loctek R2Best tv Wall mount brackets - Loctek R2


  • Supported TV Size: 32 – 70 inches
  • Supported TV Weight: 99 lbs

Price: Price not available

There aren’t really many options for wall mounts that can support a curved screen TV. There are also very few manufacturers that make them for the latest curved TV. R2 by Loctek is one of the best TV wall mounts for curved TVs because with support for curved display it also combines the feature of full motion to the TV. It is stable enough to support TVs of up to 70 inch that can weigh a maximum of 99 lbs. Its Universal VESA pattern can fit TVs with patterns till 600 x 400.

R2 is a turning type mount that can tilt at 10 degrees and swivel up to 90 degrees. The TV fixes on an articulating arm and can rest at a 3.3-inch distance from the wall and extend up to 18.8 inches. With the unit, they also provide an installation kit and a magnetic bubble level. It will also work in a similar way with a flat-screen TV.

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7. Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B

Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B


  • Supported TV Size: 20 – 75 inches
  • Supported TV Weight: 165 lbs

The wall mounts from this brand are very well known for their inexpensive price tag. They provide all basic functionalities and more at a way lesser cost. In particular, this is a tilting type wall mount that can support 20 to 75 inch TVs. Here’s when it gets interesting, they claim that their wall mount can hold 165 lbs of TV weight. It fixes your TV closer to the wall and maintains a distance of 1.3 inches from the wall. Further, you can tilt your TV to 10 degrees and more depending on your TV size. It has a standard VESA pattern of 600 x 400 and installation is simple enough with included attachment and 3-axis Magnetic Bubble Level. You can also try out their similar full-motion wall mount with dual articulating arm.

8. AmazonBasics TV Wall Mount

AmazonBasics TV Wall Mount


  • Supported TV Size: 22 – 55 inches
  • Supported TV Weight: 80 lbs

Price: $26.75

This is another very simple full motion articulating TV wall mount by AmazonBasics. It is a highly rated and is built for supporting smaller TV sizes that start from 22 to 55 inches. The TV should also have a VESA 400 x 400 mounting pattern or smaller. This is a single-stud wall mount that doesn’t take much space and supports up to 80 lbs TV weight. This turning type wall mount is best in this price range and its articulating design can extend up to 16.3 inches from the wall and swivels left to right up to 180 degrees. It is highly reliable and made of heavy-duty aluminum. Bubble level and all necessary hardware are included with the unit for easy installation.

9. Perlesmith TV Wall Mount

Perlesmith TV Wall Mount


  • Supported TV Size: 50 – 90 inches
  • Supported TV Weight: 165 lbs

Price: $89.99

This one, in particular, is made for TVs with bigger screen sizes. It is a heavy duty wall mount bracket that can support TV ranging from 50 to 90 inch in screen size. Holds up to 165 lbs of weight and supports VESA 200 x 200 to 800 x 600 mounting pattern. For comfortable and adjustable viewing, it can tilt at 15 degrees, swivel at 60 degrees and rotate at 3 degrees. You can adjust your bigger screen TVs with this mount as they are tested to hold 4 times more weight than the rated weight. The cable management feature in it can hide the wires and prevent them from tangling. It comes with a detailed graphical installation guide for easy installation.

10. Sanus MLL11-B1

Sanus MLL11-B1


  • Supported TV Size: 37 – 80 inches
  • Supported TV Weight: 130 lbs

Price: $49.99

If you are going for a simple low profile look and don’t want your TV look like sticking out from the wall then this is probably the best one you could go for to maintain that sleek and cleaner look. It has a basic mounting design for TV of 37 to 80-inch screen size. It will comfortably hold your TV as long as it weighs not more than 130 lbs. Since this is a Fixed mount you should carefully decide the space to mount it. But on the positive side, your TV will just stick 1.84 inches from the wall. It arrives pre-assembled and its brackets allow you to shift it horizontally on wall plates for proper placement.

Few Ideas to Compliment Your Wall Mounted TV

Buying a TV and its supported wall mount is easy, but deciding how to mount it so it stands out is difficult. To help you with this decision, we are going to provide you a few unique ideas that you can incorporate wall mounted TVs in your living space.

1. Make the portion of the wall stand out by painting it with a contrasting color and hand your TV with a fixed type wall mount. You can also include accent lighting on that side of the ceiling to highlight the wall.

2. Place a shelf in the open space that is left below your TV. That shelf can later be used to store books or your speakers and gaming consoles.

3. Mount your TV on a stud wall instead of on a concrete wall. If you don’t want to drill holes on your wall then you can place a stud wall i.e a wooden frame wall as mounting brackets are strong and reliable enough to support TV on a stud wall.

4. Frame your TV with hanging wall arts and photo frames. This will create a unique look and give a modern design to your TV wall.

5. Create a separate wall panel and mount your TV inside it. The wall panel will act as a frame to your TV. Make sure the wall panel is larger than your TV size.


It looks like they are all the same at first glance but if you read carefully you will know that they all differ from each other. We have curated this list by keeping the price and features ratio in mind. There are few TV wall mounts that can go up to a few hundreds of dollars but there is a very little difference between them and a $30 mount. That is why our list focuses on models that had the most specifications at an affordable price. Before buying them please go through your TV’s specs to check if they are compatible with your TV or not. Also, we would suggest hiring a professional for installation if you are not sure how to go ahead. We hope these recommendations were helpful, if they were please leave a comment and let us know.