11 Best Websites To Compare Prices Online And Save Money


Are you addicted to online shopping? Well, most of us are and to be honest, it’s always fun to do shopping online. Especially when you get to save money at the same time. The best thing about online shopping is that you can compare the price of the same product from various sellers and vendors online. Not only for products but also for services like Airbnb for holidays and hotel bookings people tend to do online research for the prices. That way they can get the product or service at the best possible price.

Some people already use the price checking or comparison websites and apps before they decide to buy anything. But, most are still unfamiliar with such apps and websites. However, they don’t need to worry as we are here to help. In this article, we have made a list of some of the best price comparison sites for online shopping.

Not just for consumers, these comparison websites can also be helpful for online sellers as they can see the prevailing price of their products or services in the market and then provide the customers with the best offers. So let’s begin with the list if you are convinced and want to learn more about these websites.

Best Price Comparison Sites

1. Google Shopping

Google shopping - website to compare price online

Whenever we want to search for something the first thing that comes to our mind is to search it on Google. Or as they say we ‘Google it‘. Then why can’t we compare the prices of products with the same? Yes, Google has its own price comparison engine known as Google Shopping. It will detect your location and show you the price automatically in your local currency.

Here all you have to do is search the product you are looking for. And then Google will show you all the buying options from various online sellers. You can search for almost anything like electronics, smartphones, clothing, books home decor, etc. Additionally, it will also let you add various filters like price range, new or old items, style, sellers, etc. to filter out the products depending on your requirement.

Link: Google Shopping

2. PriceGrabber

PriceGrabber - best price comparison website

PriceGrabber is another way to see the price of various items and compare them before buying. You can either search for the particular item or product you wish or search as per the given categories instead. It has prices for more than a million products that you can check. PriceGrabber will show you items from various international sellers, retailers, and merchants who have listed their products online. Just click on the desired one and it will take you to the seller’s website directly.

Unlike Google Shopping, it may not show you local online sellers or the price. The prices will be in dollars and are best for the US, UK and other countries where the given sellers are available for shopping and delivery. Apart from that, it also has the option to sort the product on the basis of prices and apply filters like brands and stores from the available ones.

Link: PriceGrabber

3. Yahoo Shopping

Yahoo Shopping

Yahoo also has its shopping category where you can search and compare the prices of various products. Just like PriceGrabber, it will only show the prices from international online stores and that too in dollars. You can search directly or jump into any of the given categories and the subcategories inside them.

There are categories like Clothing & Accessories, Electronics, Home & Garden, and many others to select from. Here you can set the filters for the type of product, price range, and stores. After you decide to go with any of the filtered items, just select it and it will open the target sellers website from where you can buy the product.

Link: Yahoo Shopping

4. Pronto


Pronto is a price comparison site but works differently than others. It will not provide you with the list of products and their prices like other sites in this list do. But here you will get the list of all the sellers, local or international who are selling that same product or any other related products to your search query. Then you can visit the seller’s website to compare with other sellers of similar category. It will also show other keywords related to your search that might be useful for you.

Link: Pronto

5. trivago

trivago - compare hotel prices online

If you are a traveler or frequently move around then you must know how hard it can be to find the best and affordable hotels. There are so many online websites that will show you different prices for the same hotel room. But how can you get the hotel room you desire for at the best possible price? That’s where Trivago helps, it searches for all the available websites offering hotel rooms and then provides you the list for the same.

Not only this, it will show the ratings, reviews, map location and photos of the rooms and hotel so you can see what you will be getting. Furthermore, you can also apply filters like price, stars, ratings, and others to make the search result more suitable for your budget and choices. Using Trivago you can search and book for hotels across the world without any issue.

Link: trivago

6. Youbil

Youbil price comparison site

Youbil is a simple search engine where you can search for any product and the desired results will load within seconds. The results will be shown after scanning various e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. The related products are then shown with prices from all the platforms they are available on.

Other than that, you can also search for products by brands. Youbil has access to a lot of brands like Google, AMD, Apple, Samsung, Dell, etc. You can buy products from these brands at the best price shown on Youbil at ease. We personally liked the Youbil site for price comparison owing to its simplicity and design. That said, it doesn’t have the filtering option as of now. Therefore, you have to be specific with your search query.

Youbil is also available as an app on Android, but sadly not available on the iOS platform.

Links: Youbil | Youbil for Android

7. Pricepirates

Price Pirates

Pricepirates is one of the best websites to compare prices online for almost any product. Here all you have to do is type the keyword or name of the item you are looking for. And then Price Pirates will show you the products from all the available online sellers with their respective prices. All of them will be shown in various boxes or tabs, and if you wish to remove some of the selling options then you can simply close the box for that particular seller.

Then you can check the prices from various websites for the same product and select the one that suits you the best. Though it is accessible from web browsers, you can also download its software for desktops and the app for smartphones from their website.

Link: Pricepirates

8. PriceDekho

PriceDekho - online shopping price comparison app for India

PriceDekho is one of the best websites for online shopping and price comparison in India to get the lowest price for any product. It has categories like mobiles, electronics, fashion, auto, offers, and news. You can either search by inputting the product or select from the categories for the best price. The Offer section will provide you with information for various discounts and offers provided by different sellers online.

You can also keep an eye on the latest and trending offers if you wish to earn cashback and save more money on online shopping. As it is only available for India the sellers will be mostly from India only and the prices will also be shown in INR. Moreover, you can add various options to limit or enhance your search criteria like most of the price comparison sites.

What makes it stand out is the compare tab. Here you can add 4 items together and then see the difference instantly. While comparing, it will show the features and all the available info of the products in one place so you can decide the best one. PriceDekho also has an app for both Android and iOS devices for price comparisons.

Links: PriceDekho |  PriceDekho for Android | PriceDekho for iOS

9. MySmartPrice

My smart price - low price online shopping sites in India

MySmartPrice is mainly focused on mobiles and electronics but can be used to search for millions of products from online stores. It helps in providing the best prices to the online shoppers in India and also has an application for Android devices. Like every other price comparison sites, here you can browse from the given categories or search for any particular item.

Then it will show you the results from various online sellers or stores with the prices they are offering. You can visit the website which is providing the best price for the product. The list of the sellers will mostly be from Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or any other trending e-commerce websites and retailers in your locality. It has a Deals section where MySmartPrice will provide buyers with top offers or deals using which they can save a lot of money in online shopping.

Links: MySmartPrice | MySmartPrice for Android

10. CompareRaja

best websites to compare prices online - compareraja

CompareRaja helps you search for the best products that you can buy online without spending more than you would have. You will get the lowest prices and best deals while buying them online. The only downside is that it only compares prices for electronics items like mobiles, AC, TV, gadgets.

Moreover, it has a comparison option where you can compare the features of any two products from the website. As a bonus, you will also get to read the trending news and stories regarding new tech and products that are just launched or are yet to be released.


11. Smartprix


Yet another online price comparison website that will let the users compare various electronic items. Smartprix has categories like mobile phones, laptops, TV, electronics, and other appliances that you can search from. You can look for items depending on price, categories, features or by directly searching for them. Not only prices, but they will also provide reviews of products and their buying guides.

It has a Phone Fight section where you can compare two devices and see all their features. Or you can also select the option to see only the difference between the two. You can add a total of 4 devices at once in the Phone Fight section for comparison.

Smartprix also has a mobile application for both Android and iOS devices in case you want to use it.

Links: SmartprixSmartprix for Android | Smartprix for iOS

Wrapping Up

So these were some of the best sites using which you can compare the prices of various products like clothing, home decors, mobiles, electronics, etc. in one place. We hope you get the best offers and save money while purchasing products online. Do you use any other options? Tell us which one and why.