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3 Software Solutions That Are Crucial in a Post-Pandemic World


As the world struggles to return to normal and countries struggle to keep a lid on their COVID cases, we’ve had time to reflect on an unusual, unprecedented 18 months. Amid the chaos and the confusion there have been some truly marvelous sources of invention and innovation to keep the world spinning. Here, we look at three that will continue to be incredibly important in the post-pandemic world, keeping supply chains moving and cash flowing between people, companies, and states. 

Supply Chain Management

The early months of the pandemic – and more recent months – have been defined by supply chain issues, as the pandemic’s disruption has hit suppliers and their buyers. For the average consumer, this means fewer products and lengthy delivery delays. For most retailers and manufacturers, this has meant significant disruption to their business models. 

As such, software that can help firms manage supply chains better has been absolutely vital in the past few months – and will continue to be as long as supply chains are affected by the pandemic. From managing PPAP quality when companies are acquiring new components to measuring delivery and delays, these all-in-one software solutions have helped the world negotiate a difficult time for shipping and supply. 

Financial Software

Financial technology had already been booming in the years leading up to the pandemic. And it’s safe to say that, without their various innovations, we’d have found it incredibly difficult to manage day-to-day transactions as well as our broader financial health. From contactless payments to smart, digital banks run through an app on your smartphone, the way we spend and save has changed dramatically since March 2020. 

And behind all of these innovations is software. It might be invisible to the end-user, but smart algorithms and back-end code is allowing banks to help consumers during this unprecedented time. Now we’re more used to shopping online and paying via a variety of digital payments options, the post-pandemic world will lean more heavily on this kind of software and the products that it supports. 

Virus Surveillance

Finally, there’s one technological innovation that will, with luck, make another pandemic far less devastating in the future. Virus surveillance is all about uniting global data on pathogens and hospital admissions in order to attempt to spot the next big viral outbreak – be that of a novel coronavirus or a different, new virus. It relies on teams of scientists collecting reams of data, but it’s coordinated via software.

Given how much the pandemic has disrupted everyday life, virus surveillance has shot up in importance, receiving more funding from countries around the world. With new systems now in place and more on the way, this is the final software solution on our list that’ll make the post-pandemic world a safer and more united place – not to mention a better place to do business. 

These three software solutions will play a prominent part in the post-pandemic world as we slowly emerge from the worst of the coronaries pandemic. 

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