3 Ways to Grow on YouTube with 0 Views and 0 Subscribers


There is no denying the fact that YouTube is one of the most-used video watching platforms. Additionally, it has been named as the second most-used search engine platform as well. This is because people tend to use YouTube to find an answer to their queries if they are unable to find it on the Google. With this trend, the user base of the YouTube is growing at a significant speed.  Moreover, the high number of people are trying their luck on YouTube by creating and publishing the video under their channel name. However, with the immense competition, gaining the optimal number of likes and views on the videos is no joke. With the limited number of Buy youtube views and likes on YouTube videos, it is complicated to opt for the growth.

In this article, we have devised three top strategies that will help you grow your YouTube channel. So, read these out, implement them, and reap the benefits!

Use Paid Ads

Just like on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, YouTube also has the option of paid ads. These paid ads are a great way to reach the target audience who isn’t yet the subscribers of your channel. The algorithm of YouTube is the same as the Google, and they will analyze the channel performance keenly to see if the boost shall be provided to the channel or not. When we talk about the new channel (that you are), it is challenging to make sure that YouTube recognizes you.

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According to the algorithm of the YouTube, the total watch time on your videos determines the channel success and visibility. For the new channel, it is tough to have a significant watch time, and that is why the paid ads are used. These ads will put up your videos in front of the public through the discovery option. While choosing the videos for the paid ads, make sure that they are the best because only then people will develop an interest in your videos.  These paid ads are a great way of earning the subscribers, and when the watch time is enhanced, the video position in the search results is also at the top.

Many people have a misconception that using the paid ads will build up spam watch time, but it’s a wrong approach. Using the paid ads ill only put the videos in front of the target audience, and the watch time will be completely organic.

The Traffic Sources

There are businesses that have ultimately build up their presence on social media handles, and their website has utter engagement and traffic as well. With the saturation of other platforms, many businesses are opting for the new YouTube channels given the trend. So, for such people who already have a good audience base on other platforms, growing the YouTube channel will be a bit easier.

In this strategy, whenever you upload the video on YouTube, you need to remind your audiences on other platforms that you have uploaded a video. This will help you increase the watch time of the videos. Moreover, if we look at the websites, they tend to be gaining traffic, and if you embed the video links in the content, it will create a win-win situation for both platforms. On the website, it will create better engagement, and on YouTube, the watch time will be enhanced.

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However, if you don’t have the well-built platforms, you can get in touch with different blogs and publishing pages and get them to talk about your channel and videos. Their reader will read about you and might even give your videos a go!

Keep Improvising

The person who stops trying loses, and the same goes for the users on YouTube as well. If you have a YouTube channel and you are into creating the videos, great for you. But how do you ensure that your videos are always up-to-date and match with the current trends? Well, you need to keep improving them. The best way is to never publish the video right after completing it or edit it. Buy YouTube Subscribers Rather, you should watch the videos several times, and you will be able to find the lacking points. Improvise those lacking points, revise the videos again and again, and then upload it.

This strategy is important because you need the videos to be perfect, and with raising awareness among the user base, they will find the mistake in a jiffy that will tarnish the image overall!