4 Steps That Will Help Significantly In Boosting Employee Motivation


Looking for an effective way to boost the morale of your employees? Demotivated employees can be a disaster no doubt. They waste not only resources but time as well. At some point the management is bound to think of letting them go but then training new employees and spending a portion of the budget on HR recruitment can be demanding when it can be used for someplace the company can grow from. So instead let’s find a way together to boost employee motivation and morale.

Give Them Incentives

Employees often get tired of working hard every other day with nothing in return. It is sometimes better to give them a reward for their hard work. Set goals and provide point incentives on such goals. Whoever achieves such goals must be rewarded. This Is something that will keep them going and be more productive. Something to look forward to.

Trust And Expect From The Employees

Let them know that you trust them. Once they know what expectations are set from them, they will try to keep up to the standards. Knowing that the boss trusts them can also keep them from turnover or absenteeism and be more responsible. This is a highly effective way to motivate employees.

Say in an organization there is an employee A that is given a task by the employer to do. However, before giving out the responsibility the employer made the impression on the employee that they do not trust A, and neither do they have any high expectations from him. A in such a situation will try to do the task but if he faces any difficulty, he will not try his best to fix it because he knows that no one has any expectations from him. On the other hand, if A is present in a similar situation but the only difference is that the employers made the impression on him that he has high expectations from him. Now if A faces any problem or difficulty in the task, he was provided he will try his best to solve it and complete the task. What made A do the task so enthusiastically this time? Trust.

Creativity Can Make Environment More friendly

Make the official environment more friendly and more positive. The same old robotic environment can be demotivating. When there is nothing new to do and the work disciplines are not flexible then the employees tend to be demotivated. When the environment on the other hand is more creative and open to innovation, it automatically is less stressful and easier to work in. However, making the environment more creative and positive can be quite a task. And can create a lot of mess if not done properly. 

The first step to make the environment more colorful, friendly,  and committed is to use lanyards, badge reels, wristbands et cetera. All of this is easily available at sites such as such things are affordable and environmentally friendly as well. Make customized lanyards or printed lanyards for a better effect, it will convey the message more authentically. Let them know how serious and committed the organization is.

Work-life Balance Should Be A priority

For better motivation development among employees remember that they have a life as well. They are not just robots. They have family and friends. And for them to function properly they need to be happy. Happy employees are more productive. And happy employees are those that have a balance in life and work.

Handling the demand of work and family can be very challenging. One should set limits for both and look after oneself first. After that achieving, the work-life balance comes. (Staff, 2018)

Tip of the Day: Everyone needs professional help. If your life feels out of control and retaining balance can be difficult to achieve then maybe seeking professional help is the time. Creating work-balance is not a one time process instead it is an ongoing process. Make sure to keep a check on it.