5 Business-Friendly Smartwatch Features that Improve Productivity


Today, it helps us do more. When abused, it hampers productivity. When you dress to impress at work, luxury watches like this Omega Speedmaster is definitely your best weapon.
But when it comes to actual work, you need a weapon that will improve your productivity. Smartwatches are gaining much traction not only as an activity tracker but also as a tool that helps in boosting productivity.But when it comes to actual work, you need a weapon that will improve your productivity. Smartwatches are gaining much traction not only as an activity tracker but also as a tool that helps in boosting productivity.Buy your smartwatch from the TheWatchCompany

Easier Email Viewing

A common smartwatch feature is its email viewing functionality.
Even when you are out of the office, there is a high chance that you will get emails that need your attention and action immediately.
The best thing about smartwatch email functionality is that it is made even simpler.
You can easily view, reply to, and even delete done emails seamlessly.
First, make sure that your account is synced with your smartwatch and that email notifications are turned on.
With a smartwatch, you have the neatest inbox that is just a tap away.

Calendar Management

Another nifty feature of smartwatches is that it the calendar management.
You can easily view your schedule for the day directly from the interface and even set it on the home screen so it shows you only what’s next.
This is a really nice feature as it prevents you from being overwhelmed especially when you have a lot of to-dos for the day.
And it functions like your very own secretary, reminding you of your next meeting.

Instant Travel Buddy

Smartwatches are not only useful for checking and responding to emails.
On days when you’re on a business trip, smartwatches can be your best buddy.
Apple Watch, specifically, has travel navigation features that allow you to gather your passport and boarding pass details.
Directly from the Apple Watch, you can scan and send those details at the boarding gates. As seamless as that.
Less work, by not needing to pull your documents out from your bag, is always better.
When it comes to road navigation, you can speak to Siri to tell you directions. 

Keeps You Connected Longer Than Your Phone

Recent smartwatch updates today lets you stay connected even without your mobile phone. Make sure that when buying, you’re getting one that has this feature.
Many businesses are also integrating smartwatch-friendly applications. Salesforce, for example, has started using WatchKit.
Apple made the WatchKit framework that allows business to develop their applications that can work flawlessly with Apple Watch.
This allows Salesforce users to view sales analytics, as well as service and marketing analytics through their smartwatches.

Eliminates Distraction

We all can relate to distractions brought about by notifications from our mobile phones.
How many times did you check your phone for the email notification, and ended up ‘quickly’ checking who ‘liked’ your social media post? The next thing you know, you are endlessly scrolling through Facebook as if there is a bottom in the feed.
Nomophobia is a real thing, and we must fight with everything we have to break free from it. Here is an article that might help fight nomophobia.
Nomophobia, short for no mobile phone phobia, is the number one factor that hampers productivity. We get distracted by the mere presence of mobile phones.
But with smartwatches, it is able to eliminate this distraction by just showing us what we needed to know for that moment.
A quick glance at the small screen is much better than looking at our phones.
And because of the limited space that manufacturers have with smartwatches, you know that they only put the useful features.
Like all technology devices that we have


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