5 Critical Elements That Make A Great Brand Logo: An Expert Guide



A company’s logo is much more than a small symbol. It portrays your brand and defines the true meaning of what your brand stands for. The design of the logo influences how customers will perceive your brand and under what light.

Well, that’s one side of the logo’s importance; the other side of the logo is that they are used for various marketing purposes. That means you need to make your logo look good, neat, and eye-catching no matter where it is being used.

Therefore, from the layouts to the colors, everything should be designed to keep every platform in mind where you will be marketing your brand. If you are an entrepreneur and looking for a modern logo, read more here.

What Makes A Good Logo?

A logo is the central part of a business’s branding and becomes the first point of contact for your potential customers. Hence, your logo must be designed so that it captivates your audience from the first meeting.

To do so your business logo must have these critical elements integrated into the logo design.

1. Simplicity

Most people think that making a logo with intricate designs makes it look professional. But the truth is that the more complicated a logo is, the more the logo’s meaning will be distorted. And the worst thing is that your consumers will find it hard to remember your brand’s logo.

Designing a simple logo will help you achieve the following:

  • Consumers can remember the logo easily.
  • Printing on different products will not deteriorate the quality of the logo.

2. Memorable

The main purpose of creating a logo for your brand is to make your brand memorable for the consumers. It is one of the branding techniques used by businesses to ensure consumers remember their brand.

When people buy products, they will definitely see the brand’s name and the logo. Businesses use this to their advantage to leave an impactful impression. 

Your target audience is able to remember your logo when: 

  • It has a distinctive color.
  • It has a minimum design.
  • It utilizes elements neatly.
  • It looks appealing.

3. Minimum Colors

As we have already mentioned above, a logo is memorable when it has less color and intricate design to remember. But, you might wonder why you should use less color for a thing that represents your brand. 

By using minimum colors you’re able to avoid your logo’s meanings being changed and help customers remember your branding. 

4. Unique Design

A unique logo doesn’t have to be complicated; it just needs to be a fresh and out-of-the-box thing. 

People tend to scroll over something they see all of the time. However, when something new catches their eye, they will stop and check it out. 

5. Timeless

A logo needs to be timeless. If you keep changing the logo every time, it keeps resetting the brand’s image, meaning, purpose and goals. So you must come up with a logo design that is timeless and requires minimum changes over time.

For example, the Coca-Cola logo has been the same for years, basically. Yes, they have made some tweaks over the years, but the basic design of the logo has remained the same. 

Final Thoughts

Good logos are easy to design when you solely focus on the quality of the logo. By creating a logo with a timeless design, you can establish a strong foundation to build your brand upon. And making your logo simple will ensure that it is memorable for the audience.

If you want to make a logo that stands out to your business and connects with your customers, integrating these five elements will certainly help you out.

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