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5 Reasons How Craft CMS Eases Website Development


A Content Management System (CMS) helps developers in building complex websites quickly. Many advanced CMS solutions like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, etc. allows developers to build enterprise-level applications on fingertips. They are prebuilt with many advanced features that give ease in development and managing the core components of the website quickly.

Just like WordPress, Craft CMS is also one of the most used CMS platforms in the market that is built with optimized features and cutting edge web tools. It is powerful, secured and flexible enough to build and deploy all types of applications including the e-commerce stores.  

For beginners, the CMS is quite simple to use, as it provides several detailed documentation to help newbies easily get started with the platform. Moreover, it provides a well-designed user dashboard, where you can find all the components and features of the platform quickly.

Meanwhile, to support deployment, there are many advanced Craft CMS hosting providers also available in the market, including Cloudways and other managed hosting platforms.

Let’s discuss some of the key features of Craft CMS below and see why it is regarded as the next alternative to WordPress in the industry.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Build Websites with Craft CMS

1. Interactive Design

Craft CMS provides an interactive dashboard design to work with. It is easy for beginners to start with Craft CMS, as it provides simple features and functions to start building app pages, menus etc. The platform provides unique function categories for each job i.e. Singles, Channels and Structures.

Singles allows you to store one-off pages, whereas Channels gives you the ease to store a list of entries that don’t have any specified order. Meanwhile, Structures allow you to store entries that are needed to be kept in and order or a particular hierarchy. Hence, using these, you can quickly create different Singles, Channels, and Structures according to the needs and design requirements of your project

2. Innovative Core Features

Craft CMS provides various advanced inbuilt features to ease core development processes. One of the most important features is the Matrix. It allows developers to build virtually flexible web layouts. You can find a detailed explanation of Matrix on the Craft CMS official website, where they have thoroughly defined its usage practices and advantages for creating complex web layouts.

Secondly, the platform also offers rich-text editors like Redactor. It is one of the best-in-class text editors that allows developers to easily extend and customize web designs as the way they want. It is basically a WYSIWYG editor that provides a smooth and clean design for the best UI/UX experience over the web.

3. Fast Platform Updates

With an ever-growing community of developers, Craft CMS is continuously evolving. Their platform developers always provide proactive upgrades and fixes of the CMS, giving users the ease to always stay updated with the latest features. You can visit their official GitHub’s update page, and can see the blistering pace of always-happening platform developments there.

The Craft CMS development team has achieved this fast pace of updates due to its smart and proactive approach. They have deployed separate teams for every single Craft function. For instance, they have designated a separate team to look after Twig and Yii updates. Whenever one of them or both gets updated, the proposed changes instantly gets rolled out in the new Craft CMS versions.

4. Vibrant 3rd-Party Developer Community

Just as defined above, Craft CMS has a huge developers community that regularly contributes in the advancement of the CMS via various themes, plugins, etc. The platform has thousands of developers working for various Craft CMS updates and bug fixes, making it a real huge platform to grow in the future.

One real example for the above illustration is the official Craft CMS plugins directory. You can find tons of plugins there built by hundreds of developers from all around the globe. You can find specialized plugins for SEO, theme editors, performance monitoring tools and various others on the directory. Indeed, all you want to setup your website development firm with prebuilt functionalities at one place.

5. Affordable Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Craft CMS is quite affordable and cheap as compared to other commercial platforms. It provides a free version called Personal, that comes up with one user, one channel, five singles and other related CMS components.

Besides the free version, the platform also provides 2-tiered paid versions i.e. Craft Client and Craft Pro. The Craft Clients starts from $199, whereas the Craft Pro is available at $299. Both of these versions have adequate features of the relevant categories, making them exceptionally reasonable for particular types of users.

Final Words

Craft CMS is indeed a next generation CMS platform built with tons of advanced features and security protocols. It provides easy to use features that provides flexibility in building enterprise level applications. Moreover, it is also quite handy to build online ecommerce stores, as it provides a specialized Craft Commerce plugin to build such websites. In short, if you are a non-tech person who doesn’t know much about coding, Craft CMS is the perfect choice for you to get started building websites quickly.  

If you still have some questions about this article or Craft CMS, please feel free to ask them below in the comments section.