5 Situations When You Need to Change the Locks

5 Situations When You Need to Change the Locks
5 Situations When You Need to Change the Locks

Changing the locks on your home or business may sound like a hassle. But there are a few very good reasons when it makes perfect sense to hire a locksmith in Newcastle and get your locks changed.

Here are 5 situations when you should seriously consider changing your locks.

1. When You Move Into a New Home

The most obvious situation when you need to change the locks is when you move into a new home. There’s no telling who still has the keys, and the previous owners may still have a spare set – which could get into someone else’s hands.

Don’t risk it. Get the locks on all the doors changed as soon as you move in, including the garage door and the windows, to ensure your home is safe.

2. Following a Burglary

If someone breaks into your house, it can be difficult to feel safe for a while. Always change your locks as soon as you can. If you are considered an easy target, you may be targeted again, which is actually quite common.

Use this opportunity to hire a locksmith in Alnwick to change your locks, and also consider adding some extra security measures like a camera and alarm system.

3. Following a Breakup

Breakups are tough, but when a relationship ends, even amicably, it’s important to remember to take your home security seriously.

Your ex might still have a key, and the sensible thing to do is change the locks so they can’t pop back when they want to.

The same is true when a roommate leaves your home. In this situation, you could rekey the lock or get it changed even if you trust them. After all, they may lose their key or someone else could get access to it.

4. After Evicting a Tenant

If you are a landlord and you have to evict a tenant, this is definitely a time to get the locks changed. A vengeful tenant with a spare key is something you could do without.

If it is a forced eviction, the locksmith may have to get access in the first place. Make sure they replace the locks at the same time. You might want to increase the security of the property at the same time if you are concerned.

5. When Your Keys Are Stolen

Clearly, if your key is stolen, the thought of someone else having access to your property is not a pleasant one.

Get your locks changed right away. Many locksmiths provide emergency services, so you can sleep easy knowing that your lost or stolen key is now completely useless.

Hire a Professional Locksmith in Newcastle

All of the above are potential situations when it can make a lot of sense to change your locks. The fact is, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

And when you use a specialist locksmith in Hexham like Keyfit Locksmiths, we make the whole process quick and easy so you won’t find it a hassle. If you find yourself in any of the above situations, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to change your locks in no time at all.

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