5 Steps to Improve Software Development Team


Finding highly qualified and organized professionals might be challenging. However, hiring the right people is half the battle. It is also essential to maintain the overall team efficiency throughout the development, implementation, and expansion of a product. If you feel your engineers are running low on resources, here are five steps you can take to improve their productivity.

1. Order Team Extension

The opportunity to quickly scale the development staff is sometimes very necessary. Recruiting additional staff can take a lot of time and money, which is why IT outsourcing is gaining popularity. For example, by contacting Sibedge, you will get specialists in the necessary directions for your department in a short time. Working with them is carried out in almost the same way as if they were your full-time employees. An internal project manager will come to your aid and take over some of the management responsibilities. As the project develops, the team can be reduced or, conversely, increased.

2. Send Employees to Study

If you do not want to involve outside specialists, you can upgrade the qualifications of existing ones. As a manager, you are interested in your employees having advanced hard skills. Given that software development is an ever-changing environment, you and your workers need to keep up to date with the latest technology. For some areas like cybersecurity, it is a critical factor.

3. Clearly Assign Roles

When each employee clearly understands their role in a team and is responsible for their tasks, the overall efficiency increases. If productivity drops, it’s time to rethink the distribution of functions. The range of positions might differ depending on the specifics of your business and may include:


  • business unit manager;
  • business analyst;
  • product manager;
  • project manager;
  • tech lead;
  • developers;
  • UX / UI designer;
  • testers.

4. Create a Comfortable Work Environment

Another key to increasing team productivity is creating a relaxed work environment. Developers should be fully devoted to the workflow, as little as possible distracted by the everyday issues of a company. Creating a comfortable and healthy office environment helps your employees experience less stress and burnout. Reducing psychological load is one of the managers’ tasks.

5. Establish Communication

Effective communication and regular short meetings with a team can take overall productivity to the next level. It is important to be able to ask the right questions and listen to the opinions of each engineer. Also, employees themselves should not be afraid to ask clarifying questions or express their views on some tasks. In addition to good communication between managers and employees, active interaction within the team should also be encouraged.

Simple But Powerful Ways to Increase Productivity

These steps seem obvious at first glance. However, in simple and insignificant methods, the key to success lies. Remember that software development is not so much about technology and devices as about people. Anything that can improve and simplify the interaction and communication between employees will ultimately increase the effectiveness of your entire team.