5 Tips to Prepare Yourself for Ransomware


Technology and digitization have changed the world as we know it. Almost all the businesses around the world have an online presence because it has become an essential part of any business. However, there is a very worrisome side of the online world and that is the cybersecurity threat. 

Almost every other day, there is news about a cybersecurity breach. Therefore, it is crucial that you must be prepared for any such situation. The most common method used by the criminals to hack into your systems is by sending the ransomware. Once you fall prey to the bait, your system security is compromised, and you can’t access any of your company’s data. It is called a ransomware attack where you have to pay the criminals to get your access back. 

The question here is what you can do to prevent all of this chaos to happen. Here, in this blog, I’ve narrowed down some of the very critical strategic steps that will help you to prepare in advance for a ransomware attack.

Here you go: 

Make Your Network Layered Security Strong 

The criminals out there are coming with new and different methods to penetrate your security firewalls. Therefore, you need to make sure that network layered security is compatible to deal with new and latest threats. One way to make sure that your security firewalls are strong enough is to implement the latest tools and strategies that promise to provide real-time end-point solutions with the latest behavior-based analysis tools. 

Fortify Your Existing Email Security 

Your email security is of the utmost importance when it comes to ransomware attacks. It is because all kinds of malware sent by the criminals is mostly through the emails. So make sure that your current email gateway is capable of performing real-time inspection and detection of every email content that you receive. You need to make sure that all potential malware and hidden triggers don’t go undetected through your email security plan. 

Prepare a Contingency Plan 

It is perhaps the most important strategy when it comes to being prepared for a ransomware attack. You need to make sure that you have a solid contingency plan just in case you are under attack of ransomware. You must take advice from professionals like Cytelligence when you are under attack. Even when you are not under attack, you must have a good ransomware fighting company in your contacts so that your business doesn’t get affected.  

Update Your Current Backup Strategy 

Your best defense against any kind of ransomware attack is to have a complete backup of your data. The only blackmailing point that criminals use against you is that they rob you off from access to your company’s data. When you have a recent backup, you’ll not have to be blackmailed by them. This way, you can carry on your business even after getting attacked. So, make sure that you update your backup strategy by keeping the possibility of a ransomware attack to happen in your mind. 

Enhance Your Patch Management Strategy 

It is impossible to make software or a system that is one hundred percent error or bug-free. It is the reason that your service providers keep sending you different security patches to apply to your software to make your system secure. You need to make sure that you apply these security patches as soon as you receive them from your provider. Your negligence in applying these patches can cost your business a lot of money and reputation.