6 Powerpoint Presentation Tips You Need To Know

6 Powerpoint Presentation Tips You Need To Know

Understanding how to create an amazing presentation has become an important skill in today’s time. Right from planning a presentation, to creating slides and then actually executing the same is a job everyone has to do at some point in time. Whether you’re a student, an educator, or a corporate employee, PowerPoint presentation has positioned itself at the very center of our workflows. It is imperative to understand that a poorly designed presentation can throw your personal & professional goals off the track. An ideal presentation encapsulates an intuitive design and makes sure your audience gets the message you’re trying to convey. What sets a great presentation from a poor one is its design.

Design is the first point of contact with your audience. This is followed by quality content. The way you put content, position visual elements, format the slides, it all matters. PowerPoint is a visual tool that should be used with caution. People sitting in the audience will be making judgments about you based on the impression your PowerPoint template casts. At the end of the presentation, it is your audience that has to conclude on subject-matter and not you! Well, with the advent of the latest technologies, a naive user can also create a captivating presentation. The right blend of tips & tools can help you make your presentation stand out in the crowd.

Let’s move ahead and know about the best six PowerPoint presentation tips which you must apply:

Plan the structure:

Before you straight off jump to PowerPoint and start creating the slides, you should plan your presentation’s structure. It’s like assembling different blocks and building a Lego model. You should think about presentation design, main points, supporting points, establishing linking statements for slides, presentation opening, etc. Structure planning should also include the positioning of images, diagrams, graphs, charts, and infographics. It’s important to determine the white spaces on slides beforehand. This makes sure your audience won’t be distracted or thrown off the track while you’re presenting.

Use high-quality graphics:

Graphics are not only important for your brand. Visual elements play a crucial role in evoking emotions in your audience. When it comes to influencing them about your products, services, or company as a whole, graphics is your only way forward. The right motion graphic video will evoke a specific feeling amid your audience. As we all know a picture is worth a thousand words, including visuals in your slides is a win-win for everyone. It attracts your audience, sets the tone of the presentation, and makes your slides attractive. Every visual element, be it colours, fonts, shapes or images play a vital role in effective information delivery

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Consider a template:

There is no denying to the fact that not everybody has a knack for design aesthetics. A readymade PowerPoint template can help your craft state of the art presentations in the minimum time possible. SlideModel is one of the biggest providers of innovative and intuitive templates on the internet. Ready to use templates make your life easy. A presentation template is nothing but a skeleton in which you just populate content. The template provides out of the box design consistency, ease of slide formatting and superior branding opportunities. Since most of the visual elements are customizable, you can alter and attune your slides to suit your company’s goals.

Play with fonts:

Choosing a font is one of the most important aspects of your presentation. Typography plays an inevitable role in any presentation. The way words are projected can have a profound impact on the minds of your viewers. It is the font of your presentation that drives the perception. In today’s brand-based marketing, we are subjected to all sorts of fonts around us. Every day we see several fonts unknowingly. These fonts subconsciously attract us to buy the products. Be it Serif or Non-Serif fonts, it all depends on your presentation type. If you’re presenting to corporate executives, going for formal-looking fonts is advised. You have to make sure that the font boosts readability, aligns with the brand, and conveys key characteristics.

Say yes to charts and graphs:

You can improve your presentation manifolds by leveraging charts and graphs. Every presentation is incomplete without numbers. Charts and graphs make your data user-friendly. Since everybody is not familiar with the data or shares the same understanding as yours, it’s important to provide a bird’s eye view. Your audience always wants to draw some conclusions from the data. If they can’t interpret or understand the presentation right, it’s a waste of time. Visual aids help your audience compare and contrast between data. It’s like providing a third dimension to your data so that everybody can understand it and stay on the same page.

10-20-30 rule of presentation:

The 10-20-30 rule helps presenters keep their presentation short and to the point. The rule simply states that there should not be more than 10 slides per presentation. Moreover, the presentation should not go beyond 20 minutes in time. Lastly, the slides should have a font size of 30. The rule transformed the presentation arena and has helped people create and deliver fantastic presentations. The audience of today has short attention spans. It is important to get hold of their attention right in the beginning. Fewer slides will make you include only key content and avoid cluttering the slides. The time-limit will ensure you don’t bore your audience. Large font size will help you choose words more judiciously.

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to be a professional to create and present a successful presentation. With the right set of tips and guidance, you can churn out slides that can woo the audience like never before. The audience of today expects a customized delivery of information. At the end of the day, your presentation should take care of it at all costs