7 Things to do for fun in Basingstoke


Anything you see in a film or on television can never truly capture the history of a cultural phenomenon like Basingstoke. With aristocratic homes to pursue, parks, plantations, and ponds, this town is an ideal place to appreciate and get a real feel for what it was like to live in the past. Below are the best things to do in Basingstoke:

  1. Exciting Escape Rooms (Two sites in Basingstoke)

Address: 2nd Floor, 21-23 Wote Street.RG21 7NE OR 

                 First Floor, Chiltern House, Feathers Yard. RG21 7AT

Looking for something unique and extremely exciting? Escape rooms capture every emotion as you try to work your way out of a locked room after following clues and solving puzzles. The rooms are themed and are designed to keep you entertained as you try to escape in under 60 minutes. No experience is necessary either, as the team will brief you before you go in and they might even provide some handy clues along the way!

  1. The Vyne

Address: Vyne Rd, Sherborne St John, Basingstoke RG24 9HL

A Lord’s home built in the 16th century, this country escape will make you feel like royalty. With a Tudor chapel, stained glass, surrounding woodland walkways, and impressive restoration projects, this home will enchant you. 

  1. Eastrop Park

Address: Eastrop Ln, Basingstoke RG21

If you are looking for adventure then take a tour of Eastrop Park and enjoy fun on the boating lake, the tree trail, trim trail, children’s area, and paddling pool. Walk down to the balancing pond, where wildlife is visible, making it the ideal spot for taking  pictures to remember your trip. Especially during the summer, this park hosts an array of events for you to explore.

  1. Willis Museum
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Address: Market Place RG21 7QD Basingstoke

Free displays of archaeology from the local area and items exhibiting Basingstoke’s history and present day are all curated professionally in this Hampshire Trust Site. The blend of historic artists and many art exhibits with print making is a cultural alternative for any non history-buffs. 

  1. Crabtree Plantation

Address: Basingstoke RG24 7HB

The historical significance of this land is evident despite the plantation originally being part of a much larger estate. As you explore the grounds, you will discover the original entrance to the Crabtree. As you go further, a mixture of ash, oak, chestnut and sycamore trees all frequent both the formal and informal paths frequently graced by the presence of butterflies.

  1. Black Dam Ponds

Address:  Black Dam Way, Basingstoke RG21 3QR

Close to the plantation you’ll find the relaxing Black Dam Ponds. Enjoy a stroll around some traditional English countryside whilst feeding the ducks and basking in the beautiful surroundings. Perfect for a low intensity chilled out afternoon, peacefully walking along the various paths.

  1. Milestones Museum

Address: Leisure Park, Churchill Way West RG22 6PG Basingstoke

How our lives have changed in the last 100 years or so is quite incredible, the way we live now is quite the contrast to back then and can be re-lived at the Milestones Museum, a replica of our historic past.  This is perfect for those who enjoy wandering around museums and indulging in history.

There is plenty to see and do in Basingstoke, so whether you are passing through the area or here to visit, there is lots to keep you entertained.


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