7 Tips for Entrepreneurs: How to Use Technology to Help Your New Business


Technology can help in many ways in everyday lives, but for new startup businesses and entrepreneurs, tech can make all the difference between success and failure. If you’re looking to get your startup off the ground in the right way, then utilizing technology as much as possible can help support you in many ways. Not only can it support your new business, but it can also help you to stay more organized and stress-free on a personal level. 

Technology is there to help support, protect and market your new business in many different ways, and you can always tailor technology to what you specifically need as a business.

Below are seven tips for entrepreneurs looking to use technology to maximize their new business.

Get Organized with Your Budget and Business Plan 

If there’s one thing technology can do, then it is with organization. From helping you to get more organized, set reminders, to creating easy-to-manage documents, when you’re launching a new business, you’re going to need all the organizational help you can get. Before any startup goes live, you need a dedicated business plan, which will be a lot easier if you can create a virtual document you can edit, update and view from anywhere. 

Not only that, but technology can help you to use budgeting software or simply to stay organized with a spreadsheet to create your new business budget and get a head start on healthy financial practices. 

Create Your New Website

Your new business is going to need a new website that best reflects your brand and can provide informative and entertaining content for your target market to help push your products. Not only that, but a new business website is essential for SEO purposes so that you can make a start on your marketing and find your place in search engine rankings. 

Some general tips for using technology to both create your website and help it be the best it can be are: 

Choose a professional hosting site so that your website works dependently 

Use technology for photo editing software if applicable to sharpen images and help with your overall design 

Upload content to your website easily

Edit your website remotely from your device 

Use analytics tools to keep track of how SEO is performing for your website pages

Connect on Social Media

Alongside a website, you’re going to need to be present on social media if you’re looking to boost your brand and also reach out to the right target market. Being present on the right social media channels, as well as being consistently active on them, will help you to start conversations with your following, reach out to new and existing customers and best promote your products. Social media is a valuable tool in the hand of entrepreneurs, and most consumers will look to see if a new business has social media before deciding to do business with them. 

As well as creating your profiles and content for social media, you can also use technology to schedule uploads for social media with automatic posting through software or apps. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to reach a worldwide market that takes into account time differences or if you’re trying to reach a target market at their most active time of the day. 

Further Your Business Education and Leadership

Anything you can do to further your own business understanding and experience will be beneficial for your new business, and the most obvious of this would be to look into furthering your business qualifications and gaining specialist knowledge. With technology, you can make this even easier by seeking online qualifications, like an online MBA for your professional development. The reason that online qualifications can be even better for entrepreneurs is that online or remote studying is much more flexible, so you can fit it around your new business hours or do it alongside launching your new startup business. 

Work Remotely

Entrepreneurs have many different plates to spin, which means they might be trying to launch their business alongside other commitments and while on the go. That’s where remote working comes in: to make it easier to manage your new business workload, no matter where you are in the world. With the right device and also a secure VPN, you don’t have to worry about being away from home or the office and risking losing out on business hours. You can stay connected and continue with your new business planning or management from anywhere. 


In the same way that technology enables you to remotely work yourself, it can also help you to connect with people outside. For instance, you can outsource work to those who work remotely whether as part of your business or not. This widens the outsourcing pool if you can gain help for your new business from people based in various locations, especially if you don’t have a designated physical location for your new business. Technology will also make it easier to find specialist skills and outsource them by searching online or checking out other people’s professional websites or social media pages. 

Improve Customer Service

When your new business is launched, how you handle initial customer queries and potential problems will have an impact on your new business’s success. Therefore, you need to think about improving your customer service as much as possible, and that’s where technology can help. You can offer as many channels of communication as possible, such as live chat, social media messaging, and email, as well as being able to answer all customer queries no matter where you are, as long as you are connected through technology. 

As an entrepreneur, it may just be you handling customer service in the first instance on top of everything else, either because you’re looking to keep it small and continue that way or because you haven’t hired a full team yet. This is where technology can make it infinitely easier for you to stay connected.