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8 Customer Experience Best Practice To Boost Your Brand


Excellent customer service is just not limited to successful deliveries, loyalty reward points, or discounts. It goes beyond what a company can offer and what a customer expects. It’s all about making your customer feel happy at all touchpoints. Remember, the way a company treats its customers, the same reflects in the customer behavior, their buying pattern, and the review they leave for others contemplating your brand. When you try to work with a call center in the Philippines, they’ll make sure that they are able to adapt to your brand’s personality and style so that your customers will feel that they are directly communicating with you. 

Every company model and way of operating is different. Some treat customers as a priority, while others follow hard-and-fast processes to handle customers. Businesses cannot leave any chance to provide a less than stellar customer experience consistently – doing so will not lose existing customers but also decrease the chances of getting new ones.

Whatever the situation is, here are a few tips to augment the positivity and abridge the negatives.

  1. Engage customers

Engaging customers in all aspects is the easy-to-go path for better customer experience. Hold back customer’s interest and thoughts at places where they are always available – social media. Through social media, it’s easier to attract customers, channelize their feelings, encourage them to engage and participate in different online activities. You can also curate content, respond to their queries on time, share videos and photos on social media.

Other ways to interact and engage customers are through online surveys, quizzes, polls, blogs, forums, chats, etc. With the help of robust CX management software, it’s easier to simplify customer data and analyze it for any further improvements.

  1. Treat your employees well

Employees are your first customers, and they are the one who delivers services too. At any point, you turn hostile to your employees; it’ll hamper your brand customer experience. If your employees feel elated, your customers will be satisfied too. Consider employees as valuable assets to the organization. Motivating employees with leadership quotes to do better and taking pride in both they do will eventually lead to better customer experience.

Go out-of-the-box for your customers, make them feel valued, and they’ll do the same for your customers.

  1. Know real-time feedback

 The best time to know from your customer is right after you deliver the product or service to them. Everything is fresh in their mind, and they would give you honest feedback. Consider post-purchase feedback templates that can be delivered quickly through emails, phones, SMS, or text messaging. It’s important to specify if the feedback is about the customer support interaction, or product delivered, or overall customer satisfaction.

Linking customer feedback to the customer service team will act as an example of quality service to others in the organization. Getting real-time feedback will help in determining a new service to release, areas of improvement in the product, or a new marketing strategy.

  1. Appreciate your customers

People want appreciation from the companies they do business. After all, they contribute to the overall business as well. Gratitude does not have to be cold, hard cash. It can either be a “thank you” note, a VIP event pass, free access to paid webinars, or a reward bonus. Keeping your customers happy at all touch points will help grow your customer base in no time.

Small steps and loyalty rewards for your customers as a token of appreciation will help build a sustainable and long-term relationship with your client.

  1. Connect emotions with emotions

People buy from people and not from machines. If you want to create a memorable customer experience, give an emotional touch to all your customers by just listening to them. Customers wish for somebody to listen to them and respond humanly. When you listen, you unfold customer’s pain points, challenges, their needs, and show that you care.

Get better at listening to customers in natural ways – don’t interrupt, avoid distractions, emphasize, ask relevant questions, avoid arguing, and summarize. Customers will feel satisfied and content, and they will buy more from you.

  1. Focus more on individual customer

If you want to know what your customer wants, ask them. Knowing their preferences, their likes & dislikes, their needs, budget, and urgency for the solution will build a complete focus on customers. The best form of customer service is to know your customers in and out and deliver instantly. Some companies conduct surveys to understand what customers are thinking about their offerings.

More and more companies believe that having a robust customer-focused strategy is an antidote to great individual customer experience.

  1. Be human

Throw away all jargon related words while communicating to your customers. Customers understand plain and straightforward language that goes down well with them. Using any technical or jargon words will complicate the situation, and your customers will walk away with half or incomplete information.

At times, even language can be a barrier to some. Hence using a globally accepted language will make the work easier.

  1. Include CX in your company culture

Great customer service should be a part of the company culture. Only when the customer service rep is free of any problematic processes from the management, they will be able to deliver the best of service in time. Even the best customer service rep hands will be tied if the management doesn’t support them. If the management doesn’t show any interest, why should they be?

You can get much information from CSR if you sit down with each of them and take feedback. Such feedback will also motivate the CSR to do better.