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9 Reasons to Choose Shopify for Online Business


When people begin to think about starting any kind of business, they look to the internet more often than not. Knowing that we are living in the twenty-first century, trying to use technologies can be a brilliant way to start.

In today’s world, where the pace of life is so fast, people rarely have enough time to go shopping in physical stores. Or, if they do, there are still better chances that they will choose online shopping. The opportunity to perform all steps without leaving home may dictate such a decision.

So, if this is enough to convince you that online shopping can be the right business model for you, the next step is to choose the right platform. There are several to try from, among those Shopify may be worth a shot. Keep reading further to find out why Shopify is the best option for online business.

Hosted solution

If you are new to the online shopping business, you probably know little about setting up special software for your store, search for a host server, and all other technical matters.

Thanks to Shopify, it saves you from all those hardships. The service provider will manage all the technical aspects. To get started, you will need a computer with a browser and internet connection.

Integrated apps store

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Often, customers like to read reviews about products before deciding whether to buy them. Also, the more reviews an item has (both positive and negative are important), the more obvious for them to decide. That being said, Shopify has a dedicated apps store. It allows you to select from many helpful applications. And one of them, called Opinew has just the right function for that.

Opinew Shopify Product Reviews App and Importer add features that allow you to leave feedback on the product you are buying. Another feature of this app has to offer the ability to import reviews from other suppliers’ shops. This helps to increase customer interest in the products you offer and raises your sales, eventually. But remember to be careful. Too much negative feedback can have the opposite effect.

Multiple languages integration

If you are planning to enter a specific niche in a particular country, it would be best to use the language of that country. Usually, people tend to trust such stores more. With integrated tools, Shopify lets you easily select languages you want, and in a blink of the eye, translate all the given information.

Choose the design that suits you best

The success of your eCommerce business can also depend on the look of your store. It can have a great impact on how many users will be willing to use it. Luckily, you do not need to be a designer to create one. Shopify already has a wide range of themes and templates that should suit all your needs. Besides, created by professionals, those designs should have a positive effect on potential customers and make them come back again.

Secure payments system

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Shopify already comes with integrated or offered by well-known suppliers’ payment solutions. By choosing a built-in payment gateway, you can avoid transaction fees and have lower fees for credit cards. But whatever payment method you will offer to your clients, it will make them feel secure knowing that their money handled by known service providers.

The help available around the clock

No matter if it is a day or night, Shopify has a support team that you or a client can reach at any time. So, whenever you face a problem or just would like to get information on a specific thing, do not hesitate to send an email, write in chat, or even make a call.

Price for everyone’s needs

Depending on the features and the size of your online shop, you are free to choose the plan that suits you best. So, if you are starting your business and not thinking about going to abroad markets, pick the cheapest plan. It should be more than enough for all your needs. Later on, when your business grows, you can look to change your current plan and keep moving on.

Make it as big as you want

No matter what number of products you will start on your online shopping business carrier, there always is more room for additional products. There will be no charges for adding extra items to your store or making modifications to the existing ones. Whether you change the description or photo of the product, feel free to do so.

Fourteen days of a free trial

If you are still not sure if using an ecommerce platform brings benefits for you, relax. Shopify can allow you a free fourteen days duration trial to see if offered services meet your requirements and needs. After that, you will be able to choose one of the available plans to start running your new shop and making money from it.