A Beginner’s Guide to a Career in Cloud Computing in 2020

The Benefits of a Cloud Based Cash Register

There was a time when organizations used to worry about losing data constantly. It led to the advancement of a path-breaking technology called cloud computing, which simplified storing humongous amounts of data. The cloud is a virtual platform that allows you to access various applications and services on the go without using any hardware platform. Almost everyone accesses cloud service one way or the other each day, like when you update a status on Facebook or while watching a video on YouTube, you are on the cloud.

Cloud computing is altering the entire employment scenario across the globe. It is garnering a lot of attention from companies through various domains as it generates many job opportunities. It encourages professionals to choose a cloud computing certification to excel in their careers.

You need a strong IT background to get a job in the field of cloud computing. Along with that, you should have precise know-how and a thorough understanding of computers and programming. It can be achieved from a cloud computing certification that offers technical skills that entail in-depth knowledge of programming languages, virtualization technologies and HTML.

There are many specialized cloud computing courses available for aspirants to hone their IT skills. It comprises a wide range of topics related to the subject. When looking for such classes, you should go for a cloud certification offered by reputable institutes like Jigsaw Academy. They train the professionals quite well, helping them to advance their careers in this exciting and well-paying field.

After completing a cloud certification course, you can take up roles and designations like cloud software engineer, cloud project, cloud software engineer, cloud sales consultant, cloud executive, cloud business analyst and cloud developer/programmer, to name a few.

Here are the two in-demand career prospects after you are done with a cloud computing certification:


  • Cloud Software Engineer: 


New computer applications and programs can play a crucial part in how businesses and individuals make use of technology. It needs experts who design computer systems stored on the Internet. Such tasks need a specific skill set which professionals can get through a cloud certification course that offers an industry-based curriculum.

The job of the cloud engineer can be split into multiple roles, including cloud architect, cloud software engineer, cloud protection engineer, cloud system engineer, and cloud network engineer. Companies that hire professionals with cloud computing certifications are often looking to deploy cloud services or further their cloud understanding and technology.


  • Cloud Business Analyst:


The advantages of cloud technology can only be leveraged if the product is meant to integrate all the cool features that the cloud can provide. Companies can incorporate these as features or acceptance criteria by hiring a Business Analyst with a cloud certification. These professionals lead the way where they ensure that the non-functional requirements are the pillars for functional requirements. A Cloud Business Analyst can educate others as to how Cloud makes it easy for the business to achieve these.


  • Cloud Consultant


Cloud consultants combine technical and analytical skills in their work. They use cloud-based computer programs and systems to address the specific business needs of their clients. Starting with examining the typical duties performed by their clients, they analyze the data to determine which solution would best meet the client’s needs. You can achieve these skills with the help of the extensive cloud certification course.

There is no doubt that cloud computing is the new rage in the IT industry. In India, Jigsaw Academy, in collaboration with Manipal Academy of Higher education, provides one of the best cloud computing courses to kickstart your career.