Advantages of Watching Movies in 2021


Watching a movie is one of the routine activities carried out at home. For children who go to school, watching movies is usually done in the morning or evening together with brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, grandparents, and other family members. Watching with the family will certainly be more crowded than watching alone. Sometimes, watching movies on Putlocker is also done with friends.

Some of the advantages of watching movies with your family include:

  1. Increase the closeness of fellow family members

The first benefit that is felt by sitting together watching a movie with the family is that it can increase the closeness of the relationship within the family. We know, from morning to evening, it may be that the father, mother, and child do not meet because they are busy working and studying. So there was no time to chat at that time. Now, when watching together, family closeness is created, you can chat while you are watching daily, whether on the theme of education, entertainment, or something else.

  1. Filter out the correct information from the movie

If children are allowed to watch movies alone, they may be too affected by what they watch. That’s why there are cases of children jumping from upstairs to watch Superman or superheroes. Or the child will follow the associations and dress code in the film. If we watch movies together with our family, we can provide education and understanding to our children.

  1. Fostering unity in the family

The benefit of watching movies together with other family members is to foster a sense of unity. This is because the closeness of family members is created, and they feel more and more that one family is one.

  1. Adding joy

Chats while watching movies can add to the joy of family members so that family happiness will be created. Family members will be happier if they are together often.

  1. Strengthen bonding

Each family member will feel a stronger bond between family members when watching together.

  1. Understand and appreciate each other

When a group of people watches a movie, they will usually fight over each other, wanting to watch this and that. Different family members, different who you want to watch. This is where the learning space is to be able to understand each other, respect each other, and be able to yield to others. One of the lessons learned from watching with family members.

  1. Educate children

Watching with children can also be a medium for educating children. We can direct children to watch channels about education, historical information, moral films full of messages of kindness, and other education.

  1. Good memories for children

When we watch together with children, he will remember the moments together with his family while watching movies. This moment of togetherness is important for children to remember so that they feel that their family is happy.

  1. Learn discipline

By watching together, we can teach discipline to children. We can teach when to watch a movie and when to end it. If the child is given to watch alone in the room, it will be even more out of control.

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