All you have to know about Cloud Access Security Broker Protects Your Data


In the modern era of the computing world the influence of cloud has turned out to be the most reliable and trustable tool to maintain the information for the organizations. Cloud technology is now the most easily maintained and demanding tool for technical giants and experts. The latest generation of technologies has emerged with the keen intention for protecting corporate information by holding cloud applications and cloud services, this new generation technology is called CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker). The Cloud Access Security Broker is a software tool that administers the security, governance, policies, and compliance in the cloud applications as this software sits between the cloud service customers and cloud service providers. They brilliantly address and solve the most complicated security issues in cloud computing. They approach in a unique and consistent way to safeguard the cloud commonly. It functions as a proxy between the cloud applications and the clients, as this tool will permit Visibility, Access Control, Identity and Protection of Data and Threat Protect. 

Today the most demanding and critical element of every organization is nothing but the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) as the experts predict, by the end of 2022 almost 60% of the organizations will surely adopt this tool to protect their cloud applications. As we have seen above, cloud computing is classified into two types: one is security issues faced by cloud providers another is security problems faced by cloud customers. The providers should make sure that the built in technology of the software is highly secure and the customers data and applications are safeguarded, whereas on the other hand the users or customers must make sure that their applications are protected carefully by implementing complicated or strong passwords and should take preventive measures. The organizations must be aware of how dangerous and important cybersecurity is, but should be updated by executing modern tools to protect their data. Thus this Security Broker saves against an extensive range of security threats which every company handles the difficulty while transferring the cloud. Now they have a stable and constant growth in the cloud computing market as they have rapidly increased the popularity which turned into continuous business for many organisations security demands. The life cycle of CASB involves a full fledged solution that prevents the corporate data against the malware. The clouds of the enterprise are encrypted and they have the access to control and use those encrypted keys, this allows the enterprise to feel secure and without their knowledge no one can touch to access their data. But when considering SaaS (Software as a Service) cannot progress with one encrypted data in this software and those encrypted data cannot be searched. They depend on manual code logics for SaaS applications which utilizes client side Asynchronous JavaScript And XML (AJAX) for most of its User Interface (UI) and the big trouble is the applications generally interrupt during updation. It can observe all the traffic in the software to detect if any malware and secure the information. 

How does it work? 

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There are two ways the CASBs work one is the proxy method and other is through API technology. The proxy type can be either forward or reverse proxy. The Cloud Access Security Brokers apply the API method to control cloud access and implement corporate security policies whereas they also apply both API technology and proxy methods when it requires. 

Forward Proxy : The forward proxy allows all types of cloud applications and all the information is passed through this proxy, but to implement them one must install the self-signed certificate on every single device that accesses. This proxy will not accept unauthorized clouds applications. 

Reverse Proxy : The reverse proxy is the one which helps to access any kind of device anywhere without a certificate for installation. The hindrance in this proxy is it can not facilitate the client’s server type of apps which have very complicated code on their IP addresses. 

API mode : The API is the abbreviation Application Program Interface. These API are easy for deployment, the span of the cloud app is limited as all every API can support the cloud applications. 

Advantages of CASB 

Maintains Data Secrecy A strong CASB will have a planned module to safeguard the data without leaking or they may have specific working modules for Data Loss Prevention (DLP). This Data Loss Prevention creates restrictions on the user interface which does not to make any kind of malicious activities and prevents the clients from malware. These restrictions are in the form of geographical location restrictions, restrict for accessibility, device restrictions and can be restriction in time etc.. This helps to guide the organization without any hindrance. 

Safeguards Cyber Security Threats These threats may attack directly or indirectly, this can be real or virtual and internal or external. Such threats can be eradicated most effectively by utilising this cloud access security. The invaders generally target organizations which do not want to disclose their data or organizations that are ready to pay for such barriers. By utilising this software tool one can easily eradicate whatever the issue is, either internal or external. Thus there is a possibility to inspect clients Internet usage, can observe the unauthorized and banned activities, can restrict the data access, can manage employees access, can control surface file sharing over the cloud network. 

Prevents External File Sharing The organizations and individuals are restricted to use the maximum level of external file sharing as software helps to maintain the minimum level of utilisation that it makes sure the secrecy could be maintained and the private data can be prevented without leakage to the public. While using an open source file sharing if it is free of cost then anyone can invade your information and access your data. This tool obstructs the outsiders to easily access the information and destroys the external file sharing leakage. 


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Declines the Performance When the CASBs function in the inline system of transmitting data the computer may face a barrier and the performance of the system has all the possibility to degrade its level. 

No security for future compatibility This kind of tool will not be compatible in all situations as this only informs the third party interface or detects only when malicious activities happen apart from this cloud computing safeguarding tool does not have any security when transferring the file. 

Creates trouble when updating When updating this software the tool will face lack of speed, which impacts in the leakage of data, the capacity of the system may get damaged as it can not hold more data during the process of updation, and even after upgrading the system may access slowly.