Android Messages May Get Snapchat-like AR Effect


Android Messages is the official application from Google for texting and chatting. The Android Messages application features all the features for text-based messaging that we see on other popular chatting applications, and with the trust of Google, there is no doubt about why the Android Messages application is one of the most downloaded Android applications in the Google Play Store.

Coming from the developer house of Google, one of the best advantages of the Android Messages application is that there is an active community of developers making the application better by improving the existing features and adding more features into the application.

In recent updates to the Android Messages application, several issues such as the unknown address message not found error had been resolved.

Now latest reports indicate that the next update to the Android Messages application will include a new major feature in the form of AR filters!

The report comes in courtesy to XDA Developers, which reports that Google has already incorporated the feature to the application and is currently testing the same to remove any possible bugs and other issues with the feature.

In recent times, Google has been trying to improve and market the Android Messages application as a top alternative to other social media and text messaging platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.

The ability to add Augmented Reality (AR) filters into stories and videos exists on all the popular mobile social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

With Google adding the same functionality to the Android Messages application, users of the application will be able to easily create fun videos by applying Augmented Reality filters.

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What Are the Different AR Filters Supported by Android Messages?

As discovered by XDA Developers, there are five different AR filters that are included in the Android Messages application. There is a filter where your face is shown through a cartoonish airplane window before it flies off. The second filter consists of flying balloons that are placed in front of and behind you. Another filter shows fireworks within your living room. There is also an angel effect that gives you wings on either side and also a confetti effect that inputs a halo effect.

How to Access AR Filters in the Android Messages App?

The AR filters present within the Android Messages application can be accessed by launching your device’s camera from within the Android Messages application. There will be a camera icon present inside the Android Messages app that will launch a camera viewfinder and let you apply any available AR filters.

The AR filters won’t be present in the default camera app on Android devices, which means that you will have to install and launch the Android Messages application to enjoy Augmented Reality filters.

Animated messages after applying AR filters can be sent to anyone using Android Messages application in the form of SMS, MMS, or RCS (Rich Communication Services) as well.

Final Words:

Being the official texting and SMS application for the Android operating system, it is essential for Google to include latest features and reduce issues within the application to make the Android Messages application a worthy competitor to apps such as iMessage, kik etc. which is the official texting and SMS app from Apple for iOS devices.

With the future updates, it is very much sure that Android Messages will offer not only tough competition to iMessages in terms of features and user-friendliness, but also to other popular apps such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

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