Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving

Autonomous driving or self-driving cars take the responsibility of driving from humans. It requires new technologies, a lot of testing and the best software development. Given it is a complex field that requires multi-firm collaboration brands develop autonomous driving software with IT outsourcing partners.

People may not be aware, but they might be driving an autonomous car. This is because the Society of Automotive Engineers distinguishes 5 levels of autonomy. The first level refers to cars that have driver assistance. The driver is fully in control but is assisted by computers.

While customer trust is still divided and lately it even flattens the market for autonomous driving grows.

Market forecast

The market for fully automated vehicles, meaning levels 4 and 5, by 2030 will worth about $60 billion, according to Statista.

Autonomous driving benefits

So why is the automotive market headed towards automation? There are certain benefits that usual cars do not.

–    Safety – is a huge issue since the number of cars on the road constantly grows. This causes accidents. According to the Global status report on road safety in 2018, a report by the World Health Organization – 1.35 million deaths are caused by traffic accidents. In 2018 traffic accidents were the leading cause of death for people aged 5-29.

–    Cost-saving – since autonomous driving makes driving a lot more efficient, there are great benefits to the cost of driving, and the cost for the environment. Given the fact that autonomous driving is combined with electric cars, and that it brings fewer traffic jams it has great benefits for the individual and to society.

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–    Productivity and free time – while the driver is in the car and doesn’t have to actually drive that time can be used for other activities. The average American spends 18 days in their cars per year. This is almost the average holiday time a European has. Think about it, with autonomous driving you could have double the time of your usual holiday.

Levels of autonomous driving

When it comes to the level of autonomy the Society of Automotive Engineers distinguishes 5 levels.

  1. Hands-on – ADAS – driving assistance – with incorporated advanced driver-assistance systems, modern cars help the drivers while on the road and when parking.
  2. Hands off – Partly automated driving – at this level of autonomy the car takes over the steering, braking and accelerating. Still, the driver has to be ready to intervene in case the automated system does not respond responsibly.
  3. Eyes off – conditional automation – this level gives higher autonomy to the car and simultaneously to the driver as well. The driver can text or watch videos while in the vehicle, because the vehicle will respond immediately if needed, for example in case of emergency braking. However, the driver still needs to intervene.
  4. Mind off – highly automated – at this level, the car can take over control. The driver is still needed, but in case he/she is not responding to the warning the vehicle can. It also handles complex situations like urban driving. But, at this phase, the driver can temporarily even go to sleep.
  5. Fully automated – at this level the autonomy of the vehicle is full. It does not even require a driver. The vehicle will manage any situation that a driver could. That is why when talking about this level, people think of robot taxis.
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The automotive market has a clear direction toward autonomous driving. As time is becoming our scarcest resource and the environment our biggest concern – autonomous driving looks like a real solution. However, it is still a debated topic that builds around trust. The Deloitte Global Automotive Consumer Study shows, from 2014 the consumer preference for autonomous driving increased in countries like The US and China but has flattened in Japan and Germany and even decreased in India and South Korea.

Autonomous driving with AROBS

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