5 Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Hotel for an Executive

Selecting a hotel for your business team is an important job. But when you’re tasked with finding a place for the executives in your company to stay, you need next-level lodging.

Chances are, your exec is used to luxury or boutique hotels that offer premium experiences. If they don’t have a preferred place they tell you to book, you’ll need to ask some detailed questions to ensure the place you pick is up to their usual standards

Skip the basic online search engines and head for the contact info. When you get someone on the line or an email address, ask them these five essential questions to guarantee your exec will be satisfied with their stay.

1. What Amenities Are in the Room?

The average guest amenities at a decent hotel include comfortable beds and linens, essential toiletries, and the in-room coffeemaker. Your exec isn’t average, and they’ll expect a little more creature comforts in their space.

Check for things like:

  • A stocked mini-fridge/mini-bar
  • Newspaper delivery
  • Hair-styling tools
  • Sweet treats or fresh fruit trays upon arrival

These special touches show you that the staff will treat their guests well, and you’re leaving your executive in good hands.

2. Can Amenities Be Customized?

Your follow-up question regarding amenities should ask about customization. Here are a few examples:

  • If a mini-bar or snack is provided, can it be tailored to the guest’s preferences?
  • What brand of toiletries are offered by default, and are there other options that can be given instead? 
  • What are the outlets in the walls, and does the hotel offer charging ports for different plugs if the guest is from another country?
  • Can the room staff include a bottle of wine or champagne as a welcome gift?

Personalization and customization are two key features of luxury accommodation, especially in major cities like Phoenix. If the staff isn’t willing to offer at least a few unique touches, keep searching for high-quality hotels.

3. What Business Features Are Available?

The day isn’t over when an executive hits their hotel. What business amenities are on-site and in the room to help increase productivity?

At a minimum, you should look for free high-speed WiFi and a desk and chair in the room. Hotels with business centers are helpful because they usually have printing, scanning, and faxing capabilities for guests.

Laundry service isn’t a “business” amenity, but getting their professional clothing dry-cleaned is essential for a busy exec on the road. Don’t forget to ask about laundry options and the turnaround time from pickup to delivery.

4. Are There Restaurants/Bars/Room Service Options?

A long hard day at work is always made better when a good meal follows it. But your exec isn’t going to want to leave the hotel unless there’s an excellent restaurant selection nearby.

Find out what the dining options are on-site and within easy walking distance. For someone with specific dietary needs, make sure they have multiple options on a menu that fit those restrictions.

If room service is available, ask about the hours they deliver to the rooms. Most luxury hotels have 24/7 availability, and that’s what you’re looking for.

5. What Shops/Dining/Entertainment Are Nearby?

Focus on the hotel if the exec is only going to be there for a day or two. For longer stays, turn your search to the neighborhood.

Is it safe? Are there a lot of shops and dining options? What kind of entertainment is nearby to keep guests entertained? How close is the hotel to the conference center or venue your exec will be at during meetings?

One more important question to ask about the area is what the noise levels are expected to be like during the stay. Is there construction or renovation going on? Will there be any major events, like concerts or sports games, that will bring extra traffic?

Give your exec a heads-up about these possible increases in population, so that they can plan for traffic, lines, and noise.


When you’re in charge of picking a hotel room for other people, you want to make sure you choose well. And when that person is an executive of the company that signs your paycheck, the task is even more important. 

With these five questions, you’ll find a premium hotel perfect for the choosiest of executive guests.