What are the Benefits of Fiber Optic Internet?

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Many people have heard that when it comes to speeds, fiber optic internet is better than regular internet. Or, that fiber internet tends to provide a better overall performance compared to other types. But what does this really mean? Many people who have another type of internet have no problems with browsing, streaming, or even working from home. So, is fiber optic really necessary if you want to improve your internet connection? The truth is that there are lots of benefits of fiber optic to consider before you decide whether or not it is right for you. 

What is Fiber Internet?

Before deciding if it’s the right choice for you, it’s worth learning more about fiber internet. Fiber or fiber optic internet is a data connection that travels over a cable made of plastic or very thin glass fibers. This type of cable means that data can travel very quickly, meaning that fiber internet speeds are often much faster than others such as DSL or cable. While cable and DSL are still very popular, slowdowns during peak use hours are not uncommon due to the aging copper-based infrastructure. Check out to find out more about fiber internet in your area. 


If you want the fastest internet connection, then getting fiber optic internet makes a lot of sense. Fiber delivers the internet at the fastest possible speeds, while providing enough bandwidth for there to be multiple devices online in your home at the same time. With fiber optic internet, you can expect the best upload speeds, buffer-free streaming and great download speeds


With fiber internet, you can get access to the best-quality internet connection, which is especially important if you do a lot of high-bandwidth tasks at home such as streaming video or video calling. Thanks to fiber internet, there should be no problems with you hosting a video conference in one room while somebody else in the household is streaming 4K video on Netflix in the other. This quality also makes fiber optic internet an ideal choice of connection for gamers. 


Compared to a regular connection such as cable or DSL, fiber internet is much more reliable as there are no buffering processes that you will need to wait for. You will likely not have to worry about the size of the files that you’re uploading, downloading, or viewing, and fiber is not limited by throttling. With standard internet packages, your connection might be slower at certain times of day to accommodate peak times, while this is not the case with fiber internet. 

Connect More Devices

If you have a lot of connected devices in your home and have found that your internet slows down when they are all connected, then switching to fiber internet might help. With fiber, you can enjoy fast and reliable speeds even if you have multiple devices connected to the internet in each room. 

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current internet package now or considering it for the future, there are lots of reasons why fiber optic internet is worthwhile getting. 

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