Best CrowdFunding Apps for Small and Startup Businesses

Best CrowdFunding Apps for Small and Startup Businesses

To grow or launch your small or startup business, using a mobile crowdfunding app may significantly benefit your business and assist entrepreneurs with achieving organizational objectives. With these crowdfunding apps, businesses may focus more on developing their products and services while earning additional revenue and funds from various supporters. 

When using mobile crowdfunding apps, newer or smaller enterprises may generate more revenue easier while staying better connected with their supporters. Moreover, crowdfunding apps may enable users to optimize campaigns, track progress, and better assist entrepreneurs with reaching different target goals. To stay more up-to-date on which crowdfunding app works best for your business or how to develop your mobile crowdfunding application, you may reach out to an app development company like, located in Los Angeles, California. 

What is a Crowdfunding App? 

Crowdfunding apps are designed to compensate organizations for them to accomplish a variety of different organizational goals. Put simply, crowdfunding is raising money from an abundant number of contributors, donors, and supporters. With the capital raised from crowdfunding apps, a business may be able to successfully launch and run its business without having to spend its resources and time trying to manage every expense. Moreover, these contributions assist businesses with raising the revenue for employee compensations, equipment and maintenance, and property expenses. 

In essence, crowdfunding apps make it more simple for startups and small businesses to raise and manage funds online. Depending on the mobile platform, a business may take advantage of the features within the mobile app to stay better connected to supporters, share information on the app and through social media, track campaign progress, attract more donors, and optimize fundraising support. There are numerous fundraising tools available that may assist business leaders with optimizing campaigns, gaining additional support, better managing projects and providing everything you need to know about tax audits. 

How do Crowdfunding Apps work? 

Typically, users follow a series of steps to set up and begin earning more support on mobile crowdfunding apps. Ideally, it is best to prepare your crowdfunding app profile around the preferences and interests of your target audiences. Equally important, business owners may better achieve goals when building a community of contributors before the actual crowdfunding campaign launch. In other words, entrepreneurs may find it more beneficial to test landing pages associated with mailing signup lists, Facebook ads, community forums, social media channels, or event involvement before the actual launch of the crowdfunding campaign. 

In terms of the crowdfunding campaign, users may develop their campaign page around their target audiences by including descriptive texts or stories that include popular keywords, uploading high-resolution images and videos, including audience feedback, and using an effective call to action that asks for different variations of contributions. While your page becomes better optimized for receiving supporter contributions, it is important to note that the revenue raised during the crowdfunding campaign may include processing fees per transaction to support the crowdfunding platform. 

Best CrowdFunding Apps


 Available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store, Kickstarter is a great crowdfunding platform for small and startup businesses. As end-users, individuals may find different projects, read startup stories and visions, and offer financial support to various art, design, film, games, music, and other fundraising campaigns. Additionally, users may share projects with their friends, family, and colleagues through email, messaging, and social media.

As the administrator, businesses may develop crowdfunding profiles that resonate well with their target audiences. This includes optimizing project descriptions, media, and call to action to better attract more contributors to your specific campaigns. From within the platform, Kickstarter offers startup businesses alerts and reminders before project deadlines and updates users on new comments and pledges during the campaign. Additionally, companies using Kickstarter may gain insights on their contributors and support progress through built-in fund tracking programs. 


Another online fundraising platform is GoFundMe. Best used for personal crowdfunding campaigns, GoFundMe offers new and small business owners the ability to begin campaigns and optimize profiles to best reach business goals. During the development of the crowdfunding campaign, businesses may begin by setting their specific goal amount, personalizing the names and content of the fundraiser, and uploading photos and videos to capture the interests of more contributors. With helpful resources and tips, GoFundMe also assists newer businesses with marketing their crowdfunding campaigns through social media, text, and emails to reach different audiences. 

Additionally, the mobile version of GoFundMe enables users to stay alert on different notifications such as new supporters, donations, and updates in regards to goal progress. As more revenue is generated from the crowdfunding campaign, users may link their associated banking information for simple and quick withdrawals. Lastly, the crowdfunding platform offers new enterprise owners the option of sending thank you messages to contributors. 


Another fundraising platform for your small or startup business is FundRazr. With a user-friendly interface, new users may quickly and easily create and launch their crowdfunding campaigns. During setup, the user may optimize the cause or story, attach important and relevant fundraising details, and prepare funding methods for their target audiences. After the initial setup, FundRazr offers various features such as social media sharing, reward initiatives, and campaign goal progress updates to attract and generate more supporters. 

In terms of pricing, there are three tiers known as Free, Standard, and Pro, which accommodate different project needs. The Free version of FundRazr assists businesses with raising capital at a low cost, provides optional tip features for covering processing fees, while the pro version offers additional platform and crowdfunding management tools for better allocating contributions towards projects and platform fees. Unlike the alternative crowdfunding apps, FundRazr offers its crowdfunding admins the option of directly depositing all earned revenue to a personal account or the option of not charging your supporters when the campaign’s deadline does not meet business objectives.¬†


Patreon’s crowdfunding platform assists small and startup businesses with raising additional revenue. Known more as a support platform for creative projects, the application allows users to pay monthly subscriptions to aid businesses, rather than contributing all of their donations upfront. As a contributor, your donations assist creative business owners with managing their expenses and in some cases, may earn you additional rewards or benefits from the contribution. 

Within the platform, Patreon assists businesses in numerous ways. There is a simple and effective software integration system for users to link Google Analytics and Mailchimp accounts to better connect and track different users and contributions. Also, the mobile application is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. Lastly, administrators may set their tier levels which request specific donation amounts to connect and support your preferred business. 


Wefunder is a crowdfunding platform that is designed to assist small and startup businesses with achieving organizational objectives. Included within the WeFunder application are legal assistance, marketing support, campaign building technologies, and resource libraries to run more successful fundraising campaigns. By simply creating the company profile, users may personalize the content and media to best attract more supporters to their crowdfunding campaigns. 

With a clean user interface, member insight into company information, and potential international investor opportunities, Wefunder is a straightforward mobile application that assists businesses with raising capital to cover more immediate expenses. The tools and technologies within WeFunder allow companies to better connect with supporters while using the additional revenue to compensate for job production, product development, and overall company expansion. 


In conclusion, a crowdfunding app for small and startup businesses may significantly benefit companies by earning more revenue, managing more expenses, and connecting with supporters. These crowdfunding applications may also offer businesses the opportunity to track their target audiences and supporter investments that may be useful for launching additional campaign projects. Although there are many alternatives, the best crowdfunding app for your business may enable you the opportunity to successfully launch your business while assisting you with reaching organizational objectives.


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