Best Paddle Boards UK – 2020 Reviews

Best Paddle Boards UK – 2020 Reviews

Paddleboarding is the talk of the town these days. It’s a popular water sport that people enjoy on their trips to the beach. The activity is not as strenuous as it seems, and it takes very little time to learn the basics. People often rely on paddleboarding for a full-body workout. Most enthusiasts stand, kneel, or lie down on the object to swim and propel their bodies forward.

While paddleboards have been around for a long time, they used to be quite one-dimensional. Nowadays, you will find newer derivatives with advanced features, which will make this activity less complicated for you. Since this sport is gaining more and more popularity as each day passes, people are genuinely interested in trying it. If you are one of those people as well, you will most likely be looking for a SUP board to get started.  

However, before you go out and buy this piece of sporting equipment, remind yourself that water sports like surfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding can be dangerous. High waves and riptides often come unexpectedly. Using low-quality boards can make you lose your balance, or they may even break while you are on the water. So, whether you are a first-timer or have been paddleboarding for a long time, make sure that you choose a high-quality sporting apparatus. 

Now that you know the importance of choosing the right SUP board let us proceed and discuss some of the best options for a safe and enjoyable water sports experience.

The Top Pick: Bluefin SUP’s Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board

Bluefin is a well-recognized paddleboard brand. Its inflatable boards, in particular, are quite common among experienced water sports athletes. What’s so great about Bluefins is that a group of ambitious paddleboarding enthusiasts started this brand.

Among all of this company’s products, this model is arguably Blue fin’s best. The experts at this company utilize its patented Exo Laminate technology to make this model. It allows users to inflate the product around 25 PSI, making sure that there is no room for bounciness or flex, which helps prolong the equipment’s life significantly.

Choose this board if you like kayaking, yoga, or recreational paddling. Its versatility and stability are heads and shoulders above the rest and allow smooth maneuvering as well. Some companies do some fishing kayak with pedals.


    • Three fin navigation system (central fin is detachable)
    • Crocodile deck pad with a diamond grid
    • Comes with a leash and carry bag
    • Users get a dual-action pump with the product
    • There is a bungee system in the front storage area


    • Available in 3 sizes (178 cm, 12 cm, and 15 cm)
    • The product has a premium grade inflation valve
    • UV resistant coating
    • High-pressure laminated finish
    • Excellent PVC construction


  • Does not come with a repair kit

AQUAPLANET’s Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

With stand-up paddleboarding’s increasing popularity, several brands are competing to develop affordable, practical, and functional boards. Sadly, very few brands follow through with their promises. Aqua Planet happens to be a brand that not only meets people’s expectations but exceeds them.

If you have any doubts, this SUP’s model will change your opinion. It is quite versatile, and an excellent option for people who are new to paddling or just want to pursue it recreationally. The universal dimensions of this beginner-friendly equipment offer a lot of conveniences. What’s even more impressive about this model is that it allows you to try a variety of water activities. The six-inch thickness and thirty-inch width offer excellent stability, allowing you to learn the basics while keeping you safe. 

Despite how sturdy and broad this board is, it does not weigh that much. Therefore, you can continue using this product even if your skills increase. The lightweight also makes this product easily portable.

Aqua Planet uses heavy-duty PVC to make this paddleboard model. Therefore, unlike other boards, this one can withstand damage and remain in excellent shape for years.

Key Features

    • The product has a traction pad with diamond grooves for extra support
    • The board has a central handle that allows you to carry it easily
    • You will get a dual-action pump with this product
    • Anti-flex material
    • There are stainless steel rings on the sides for users interested in kayaking


    • Excellent versatility
    • An ideal option for beginners and experts
    • High-level maneuverability
    • Works well with different water conditions


    • The product’s fins are not removable

AQUAPLANET’s All-round Stand-Up Paddle Board

Choose this model by Aqua Planet if you weigh less than 180 pounds and plan to paddle on flat waters. It is an affordable option in comparison to quite a lot of expensive water sports equipment. It is light, easy to package, and, most importantly, easily portable.

Unlike several other stand-up paddleboarding products, this one is quite durable and lasts long. The board is relatively thin and narrow. Therefore, if you plan to buy water sports equipment to learn the basics, it would be best to opt for a thicker and broader product.  

Performance-wise, this product offers excellent maneuverability and is highly responsive.  You will need to get used to its flex. Once again, however, refrain from buying this product if you weigh more than 180 pounds as balancing it will be quite tricky.  

The Aqua Planet All-Round paddle board’s construction and design are more than capable of withstanding dangerous tides. Inflating it will not be an issue, and its well-developed structure ensures that filling it with air is not a problem. You will get a manual pump with this board, which takes no more than ten minutes to inflate it fully.  

Key Features

    • Premium quality carry and leash strap
    • Luxurious and soft EVA deck pad
    • Detachable paddles are easily adjustable
    • Dual-action pump
    • The valve housing is safe and adjustable


    • Durable material
    • Perfect for flatwater paddling
    • Easy to package and carry
    • Light-weight
    • Excellent grip due to traction pads


  • Not an ideal option for people who weigh more than 80 kg

Bestway’s Hydro-Force Inflatable Paddle Board

Best Way has been making paddleboards for quite a while. While most of its products are highly popular among users, this one is arguably is its best. Its outstanding delivery ensures that this water sports equipment lasts for an extended period. The company uses first-grade PVC material to make this inflatable SUP board. It is shorter and thinner than average boards, which is why it is an excellent option for children and lighter adults. 

If you are on the heavier side, you’ll find it hard to keep this paddleboard stable. The product comes with a handy paddling package that contains a repair kit, bag, leash, paddle, and hand pump. The aluminum paddles are quite rigid. Plus, their excellent adjustability ensures that different riders can use it according to their convenience. 

You can use this paddleboard to handle various water-based activities such as SUP yoga, kayaking, and racing. Plus, it has a durable EVA deck pack that protects your feet, hands, elbows, and knees. It also has a tri-fin system if you like to like to ride at high speeds. 

Best Way’s packaging for this product is quite praiseworthy as it contains all the essential accessories that a paddle boarder needs. 

Key Features

    • Comes with repair kit, pump, leash, and bag
    • Central carry handle
    • D-ring for convenient towing
    • Easily adjustable aluminum paddle


    • Excellent maneuverability
    • Light-weight
    • Durable
    • Affordable
    • Ideal for beginners


  • Not suitable for hefty individuals

Aquamarina’s Fusion Stand-Up Paddle Board

Are you new to paddling? If the answer is yes, you will need a beginner-friendly option to learn the basics. Fortunately, this model by Aquamarina makes sure that beginners get everything they want from their boards. One of the best things about this product is that you will not need to replace it with another piece of water sports equipment once you master all the paddling basics. Experienced boarders can utilize it too, as its structure is perfect for calm and choppy waters. 

With a maximum weight capacity of 290 pounds, this model is an ideal option for heavy riders. Lighter users can also use this inflatable paddleboard. Its stability is excellent, and its thickness makes sure that you do not sink while you are riding. The product’s width to length ratio is ideal and helps you to build up speed whenever you are riding dangerous waters.

You will love this board if you are on a budget. It offers most features that other boards offer while remaining affordable. The product’s speed and maneuverability are decent, especially when you compare it to other similar boards. 

The only problem that you might face with this water sports equipment is its handling, especially when it is not moving. It requires some extra strength and balance, which you can always gain with regular practice. Plus, it also makes for an excellent workout to improve muscular strength and endurance. With some practice, you will master this paddleboard in no time.

Key Features

    • Durable core material
    • High-quality PVC
    • Flexible bungee cords
    • The air pressure is around 15 psi
    • Ideal board dimensions (10’10” x 30” x 6”)for fast riders


    • Excellent durability
    • Ideal for beginners
    • Decent speed
    • Affordable
    • Excellent for workouts


  • Balancing the equipment on still water requires practice
  1. AQUAPLANET’s Max Stand-Up Paddle

Aqua Planet is a company that goes out of its Way to make water sports products that suit the different requirements of beginners, intermediates, and experts. In most cases, people start with SUP boards for beginners to learn the basics and replace these boards with other variants that suit their skill level. It is quite costly, and not everyone has the budget to buy different equipment.

Aqua Planet noticed the demands of an all-encompassing paddleboard and created this model. The Max Stand-Up board is one of the best options you will find in the market. People who use this product have nothing but good things to say about it. Like most first-rate paddle boards, this one also lets you do a variety of water-based activities such as hydro-yoga, kayaking, competitive racing, or simply exploring clear ocean waters.

What’s even more impressive about this product is that it offers excellent stability for still and unruly waters. Therefore, you can rest easy, knowing that you can use this board in canals, rivers, lakes, and seas. Aqua planet used extra-tough drop stitch, and thick laminating material to make sure this product has quick PSI inflation. It comes with an easily adjustable paddle and a leash that you can attach to your ankle for extra safety. 

Furthermore, you will also get a waterproof bag to store items like keys, camera, and cell-phones. You will face no difficulty in carrying this board around because of its lightweight design. All you need to do is deflate it, wrap it up, and put it inside your bag and you will be good to go. 

As far as performance goes, maneuvering this board is a breeze. You do not need to have months of training to navigate the equipment. It also has traction pads that provide you with a firm grip, and triple fins for added stability when you are surfing through rough waters.

Key Features

    • Excellent dimensions (3.25m x 0.76m x 0.15m)
    • Multi-cell construction makes this product easy to inflate
    • The product weighs 15 kg
    • Detachable central fin
    • Sturdy traction pads for extra grip


    • The product can withstand rough use sacrificing functionality
    • Excellent durability
    • Ideal for different skill levels
    • Paddle leash for extra security


  • Weighs more than your average SUP boards

iROCKER’s Nautical Paddle Board

Choosing entry-level SUP’s can be quite tricky. As we discussed earlier, many brands are competing to make budget-friendly paddleboards these days. They all look the same, and you can only find out how they perform once you use them. Luckily, this model by iRocker stands out from most of them. It has a visually pleasing look, plus its design is ideal for smaller paddlers. Few inflatable boards compare to this one when it comes to user-friendliness. 

The company made sure that it is straightforward and offers you all the necessary features to get your board on the water without worrying about stability or durability.  There is a lot to love about this product, especially when you consider how affordable it is. It has thirteen D-rings, three carry handles, and a comfortable traction pad to improve your grip. 

People who have been into paddleboarding sports for a long time sing high praises about this model. You will see many individuals using it in competitive races and fishing trips. The product’s aluminum paddle is quite sturdy and provides extra stability. 

You will need a large backpack to store this board kit. However, it is acceptable considering the board’s price. 

What’s most surprising about this product is its military-grade durability. You will barely see any scratch or cracks even if the board collides with hard objects and surfaces. 

Key Features

    • The product weighs twenty pounds
    • Three flip-lock fins
    • 10′ ankle leash
    • 6″ width 
    • 32″ length


  • Excellent durability
  • Comes with a complete kit and carry bag
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Budget-friendly
  • Decent stability


  • The product does not fit inside small bags.\

Standup Paddle Board from [in.tec]

While In. Tec is not as famous as the other brands mentioned on this list; its paddle boards are great. The company does not have a vast inventory of SUPs. Nonetheless, the boards that it does offer are quite outstanding, and this model is the perfect example. It is not as elaborate as most boards, but it is sufficient enough to do the job. All you need is some courage and balance to start riding the waves.

The PVC material that In.Tec used to make this product is quite durable and will last longer if you store it safely. Avoid surfing in places where the board can come in contact with sharp objects. Maneuvering this SUP is quite smooth, and the three fins attached to it make riding even more enjoyable. Like other models on this list, this one is also ideal for flat and rough water riding.

However, if you need a board for a competition, it would be best to look for another paddleboard. While its speed is decent, it does not match the pace of what other products in this list have to offer. Beginners would benefit from this water sports equipment the most because of its ideal dimensions, but experts can also use it without hassle.

Key Features

    • Dimensions: 305x71x10cm
    • High-pressure screw valve for quick inflation
    • Adjustable paddle
    • Detachable center fin
    • Aluminum paddle
    • Weighs 10 kg




    • Comes with a handy manual pump
    • Outstanding durability
    • Excellent for learning paddling basics
    • can withstand heavy-weights




  • not ideal for competitions

Purchase the Right Product

Are you facing some trouble in choosing the right board? Many others face the same problem, especially if they’re purchasing this equipment for the first time. There are tons of paddleboard varieties available in the market these days, which makes the task tougher. Let’s discuss some essential things that every enthusiast must consider before buying a SUP board.

Skill and Experience

If this is the first time you are trying this water sport, it is essential to choose one that allows you to get comfortable and adjust at your own pace. Quite a lot of people select advanced paddleboards and find it difficult to understand the basics. 

Consider where you will use the board. Do you plan to use it on a bay, pond, lake, or other flatwater conditions? Or do you prefer chasing the thrills presented by oceans with high tides? If you are a beginner, it would be best to go for a fuller board. It offers excellent balance and is thicker than most paddle boards you will find.  

The extra thickness and width in the design offer excellent stability to beginners who are getting used to the basics. However, it would be best to replace your beginner paddle equipment with a slender one as soon as your skills improve. While broader options are excellent for first-timers, they aren’t as exciting. Their turns and pace are not good enough, especially for people competing in races. Thinner water boards, on the other hand, are excellent for skilled individuals. 

Construction and Materials

Paddleboards are available in a variety of materials. It is critical to understand the fundamental aspects of their contents and build as it impacts your overall experience. Let’s use the example of inflatable paddle boards. Variants made from a single layer are usually inexpensive and light. In most cases, SUP boards with one layer are six inches thick. Companies do this to make up for the material’s low rigidity. 

That said, you will find some lightweight versions of these boards. These pieces contain extra reinforcement to add some stiffness and durability, while also making sure that the weight remains low. It is an excellent option for almost every paddling environment and is perfect for people with a low-budget.

However, if you are willing to break the bank and buy a highly-durable and versatile paddleboard, it would be best to choose one with multiple layers. These variants are becoming less common because of their high prices and lack of demand. Nevertheless, the extra layer adds some weight and improves the board’s durability by tenfold. You will also see a notable improvement in your paddling performance as the board carries more momentum than the lightweight options. 

There are two paddleboard categories: solid boards and inflatables. Among these options, you will find four common materials, which are:


  • Resin infused boards
  • Wood-based boards
  • Soft top foam boards


  • PVC inflatable boards

While each board has various pros and cons, inflatable paddle boards are arguably the most popular option because they are durable, lighter, and easily portable compared to other variants. You also need to choose the right brand. With so many companies developing their own version of this water sports equipment, choose a reliable brand. The brands mentioned in this article’s list are some of the best in the market and are famous due to the high-quality materials they use to make their products.


  • Frequently Asked Questions


Can two people ride a paddleboard?

Yes, two people can ride a stand-up paddleboard as long as its size is appropriate. Of course, smaller boards cannot accommodate more than one person, and trying to make room anyway can be quite dangerous. Make sure that the equipment is heavy enough to handle the weight of two people. You will also find some paddle boards designed particularly for tandem riders. 

Does stand up paddle boarding build muscle?

Paddleboarding is not only entertaining, but it also helps enhance your well-being and health in a variety of ways. The activity requires you to use your core and shoulder muscles, which is why long-time paddleboarders have toned bodies and well-built muscles. You will also see a notable improvement in your back, legs, and arms if you regularly pursue this activity.

Is paddleboarding harder than kayaking?

There are a plethora of ways to explore this planet’s waters by ourselves. Kayaking and paddling are the most common options. The latter is slightly tricky in comparison to kayaking. Why? It requires you to balance your body while you are on the water. However, learning to stand up while paddleboarding is not as complicated as it seems. Choose a fuller board when you are getting started and be consistent with your training, and you will become excellent at this sport in no time.


Paddling is a fun and healthy activity. You can spend hours paddling without getting bored. You will need high-quality equipment if you plan to pursue this activity recreationally or professionally. Luckily, you will not need to spend hours and hours looking for the best paddleboards in 2020 as our recommendations discussed above will be enough to help you choose a board that meets your requirements.

Consider your skill level, experience, and the board’s material before buying this equipment. Getting the wrong product could be a waste of money, especially if you are a beginner or prefer paddling in a particular environment.