Product Videos as Best Tools to Increase Sales


Nowadays, videos make up a significant part of a marketing strategy. If used smartly, they will reach your potential customers quickly and influence their buying decisions to a greater extent than any other marketing medium around. You see, an average internet user spends 15 hours per week purely watching video ads, and this trend is expected to evolve. By 2021, the video had made more than 80% of all internet traffic, proving more effective than texts, images, and audios altogether. So why can product videos influence your marketing, too? And how can you apply them well? Let’s find out the answers together.

Why Video Is Good for Your Marketing

Before we give you a detailed guide on how to increase sales with product videos, let’s highlight the basic reasons why a great product video is so good for increasing sales. First of all, videos are versatile, i.e. there’s always a perfect video type that suits your target audience. Secondly, videos show your products in the best possible way helping your customers make purchasing decisions confidently.

Furthermore, videos not only increase sales directly, but they also improve the search engine rankings by increasing the time visitors spend on the site.

Did you know that videos are shared roughly 1200% more times than text and links combined on social media? This proves the power of mouth still reigns supreme even in this digital age. This fact makes product videos a marketing cornerstone for all companies no matter the size and target audience.

And finally, videos are what people prefer. Stats show over 68% of customers learn about this or that product by watching a short video. A video gives the brand the most important human element – face, and people generally love anything they can feel a part of.

All these benefits help video content appeal to everyone from B2B companies to B2C ones, and all the customers in between.

How to Create Win-Win Product Videos

What is your product video going to look like, where are you going to post it, and who is going to watch it? Only having clear answers to these questions will help you work out an influential video marketing strategy to drive sales. For instance, if your brand is not ripe yet for an all-out narrative-driven emotional video, maybe it’s better to focus on simpler videos! Here are a few ideas to back you up:

  • Videos with images stitched together, music, and text added: This simple concept can produce great results if you’re going to use the video as a social post or a quick ad.
  • Looping short videos: People love short and precise videos like GIFs and Instagram Boomerangs. Presenting your idea in a handful of seconds is a skill, though.
  • Demonstration videos: Why not show what your product looks like in the real world outside the shop? Capture a model smiling at the scorching sun with your eyeglasses on or let a dude shave with your company’s razor in an ordinary bathroom before going on a date. Your customers will love that.

Ideas are endless, so are the means of their realization. To create an impressive product video you don’t have to hire specialists. Apparently, your team can do it all by themselves by just adhering to our pro tips. Let’s start it right:

  • Use a tripod: This is an essential element to make professional and steady shots. If you don’t have a tripod, find another way to keep the camera steady with no movement during shooting.
  • Avoid using the zoom feature of your phone: Not to have grainy shots but keep the shots crisp, simply move the camera closer.
  • Don’t shoot vertically: When shooting horizontally, you can always edit the result later while vertical filming can’t be undone.
  • Mind the lighting: It’s not critical to get fancy lighting to get a great video result. Simply don’t film looking directly toward a bright window or the sun not to turn the subject into a silhouette.
  • Including audio: If you are planning to add video, use a second phone or a microphone to have both quality video and audio.

So, suppose you have shot the perfect video. What’s next? You need powerful video editing software to bring your creative ideas to life and share them with the world. A good app has special effects and tons of tools to scheme premium-quality and engaging videos.

And don’t forget about including a CTA. Apparently, this is the most crucial part of a video – the culmination it leads to.

Final Thoughts

Now, when you know what important tool is a product video for increasing conversions, it’s your turn. You can try whatever video format is better for your business, the sky’s the limit! Even a quick interview with a customer is a good start to post on your business media channel. Remember that the internet has become even a more powerful platform than TV today, giving you the quickest tunnel to reach your potential customers with your video content.