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Best Web Hosting Providers for Small Businesses

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All businesses today require a website, but finding the right provider can be tricky. Many hosting sites are aimed at personal users, making it a bit of a minefield in terms of finding features that will suit your needs. One key characteristic you’ll require as a small business is a reliability. The last thing you’ll want is your site to crash or go offline as it will cost you customers and revenue.

If budget isn’t an issue, look out for Virtual Private Server (VPS) or dedicated hosting plans as they can be the fastest and most reliable. However, as the list below shows, there are also other kinds of hosting services, such as cloud-based and shared that can adequately meet business needs.

The choice of website providers can be dizzying to say the least. If you need professional advice on how to migrate or set up your site, it’s worth hiring experts like 24×7 IT Solutions to help you out.


While DreamHost is a shared hosting service, it still provides business features for simple websites, at a lower cost. The service comes preinstalled with WordPress, there are no limits on the bandwidth, and your site is provided with a free SSL certificate for added security. The only limits to the business plan are on storage, which is capped at 60GB. Other benefits include unlimited domain registrations from a single account and free privacy protection. At $4.95 per month, this hosting service is great for businesses with basic needs.


HostGator is a type of cloud-based web hosting service that is known for its speed. Cloud hosting works by spreading your web content across multiple devices, which is said to improve speed and load times. If you’re interested in this kind of service, the business package includes unlimited websites, a private SSL certificate, and unmetered storage. HostGator costs around $9.95 per month, which is an excellent deal when compared with other cloud-hosted services.


GoDaddy is a UK-based web hosting service that marries both Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting and shared hosting capabilities. The advantage of this service is that it is easy to set up and manage, with little restrictions on bandwidth and number of websites. It also comes with an SSL certificate and a one-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365 business email. Monthly plans are a bit more expensive, however, ranging from £14-£20 ($17-$25) per month depending on your needs.

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One of the more popular VPS hosting providers for small businesses is Bluehost. With comprehensive features, excellent customer service, and well-integrated WordPress options, Bluehost is an affordable choice, especially for start-ups. Prices can range from $7.99 to $79.99 per month, depending on your needs. There are a few limits on bandwidth and storage, however, but this varies according to your plan. 

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is aimed at high-traffic volume websites, so if your business falls into this category, then it might be the best hosting choice for you. Their starter plan provides 40GB of SSD space and 10TB of bandwidth, and while the prices are slightly more at $30-$100 per month, they come with loads of extras such as:

  • Built-in backups
  • Dedicated IP address
  • DDos protection
  • Anti-virus and anti-spam
  • Unlimited sites
  • Gigabit transfers