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Blogging Vs. Vlogging: What you should start in 2020?

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Where is the future of content creation heading now- Blogging or Vlogging? If you are planning to kick-start your career in the business of content creation and are confused between blogging or vlogging, then you are in the right place. The prerequisites of vlogging and blogging differ a bit but the main idea behind both of these is to share intriguing and engaging content with others. 

Want to know More about Vlogging

But to decide on whether to opt for blogging or vlogging can be a tough decision. If you want to earn a livelihood out of them, then you should scour the information carefully. Blogging and Vlogging both are going to the next level and it has become imminent to know that which one is a better option. Before getting deep into the before-mentioned topics, let’s take a look at what is blogging and vlogging.

Difference Between Blogging and Vlogging

Blogging is commonly known as the communication medium that is used to share information in the written form on the internet. Contrary to this, vlogging is the short form of video blogging having the same purpose and benefits of blogging itself. Vlogging is becoming evident, from the past few years, as a creative and effective method of storytelling and sharing information. The basic motive behind both of these communication mediums is to put forward the opinions, ideas, thoughts, solutions, and suggestions about different products and services from various niches.  

There isn’t any predefined format or any set rules for vlogging and you can work according to your own convenience, and preferences. It takes a lot of courage and hard work to get started on any of these mediums and only a few people have the guts to start blogging or vlogging even after knowing all the details.

It’s not that one avenue is better than the other one because both of them have different specifications and it is totally a subjective decision to choose any one of them. Some people prefer to write the content instead of going through the hassle of recording the videos and vice versa. I am going to shed light on both of these mediums and you can decide on your own that what resonates with your preferences.

An Insight to Blogging

Without a doubt, blogging is among the easiest and most common ways to earn money. It is a common perception that everyone can do it. That’s true to some extent but before trying your luck in blogging, you should keep in mind some points that will help you in figuring out whether it is your cup of tea or not.

 Passion for writing.

The first and foremost thing to consider is whether you enjoy writing on different topics or not? If you are not a writing enthusiast and hate the idea of jotting down your thoughts to share your other, then blogging is not your piece of cake.

 Excellent Research Skills.

You should have the basic know-how of the topic about what you will be going to write. For this, research is your best partner because you can find almost anything on the internet and can get relevant information from there.

Know Your Field of Interest.

You should select your area of interest or niche according to your preferences. Choosing a niche that is a perfect fit for your personal interests is pivotal for making or breaking your blogging career.  

 Focus on Your Aim.

Whether you want to share your thoughts about something, want to spread awareness about any trending product, hop into affiliate marketing, or want to get started with product reviews, you need to be consistent and focused.

 An Overview of Vlogging

If you want to try your luck in vlogging, then you must be aware of the required skills and tools to get started with it. I have jotted down some important points to ponder on before getting started with vlogging.

Confidence to Face the Camera.

Some people are camera conscience and can’t express their thoughts effectively while facing the camera. Thus, camera confidence is the key factor to shine in the field of vlogging. If you are exceptionally good at creating content and making videos, then there is a possibility that you may develop confidence over time. You should be comfortable in your skin and with your voice.

 Required Tools and Gadgets.

To get started with vlogging, you don’t necessarily need an expensive camera, mic, ring light, tripod stand, and many other things. But if you can afford to have one, then that will be a plus point for you. You may know that a lot of famous YouTube stars have started making videos with limited resources and have earned a name by consistent work and enthusiasm.

Be an Exceptional Storyteller.

The quality of the content and the style of delivering it together makes a good video. If your content is engaging and of high-quality but you don’t have the right approach to share it with others, then you may face a hard time in vlogging.

Hence, after knowing the key requirements and strategies, you can easily decide on your blogging or vlogging career. Just follow your passion to succeed in any of these domains. If you think you have the potentials to ace the fields of blogging as well as vlogging, then you should go for both of them and make your own identity.