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How To Build an Organic Instagram Following in 2021 [Updated]


While all of these are definite factors that determine a brand’s success, there’s one factor without which a brand cannot possibly go – a strong customer base. Customers can either make or break a brand, and that’s probably why brands all over the world have put all their effort into both acquiring and retaining customers for the longest time.

In the digital world, the word ‘customers’ has been replaced by ‘followers,’ but the logic remains the same – get more followers, give them enough incentive to stick on with you, and be consistent with your efforts.

Strategizing for a Better Follower Count

An Instagram page needs to be built for a brand to be able to make its presence felt in the ocean of social media. And in this ocean, Instagram’s ship seems to be unsinkable. Currently home to over a billion active accounts, Instagram is a budding platform that is all set to take over the majority market share. An Instagram growth service can help you to grow your page (so you might want to check out these Social Buddy testimonials), but there are other things you can do to really boost your page. So, in such a competitive market, how does a brand stand out to users and ensure that they click on the “follow” button?

1. Stellar content always sells

Instagram is a heavily content-driven platform, which is why so much attention needs to be paid to content creation by brands. If a brand is looking to grab and retain the user’s attention, the content needs to be stellar and also easy to differentiate from the competition. What appeals to the audience? How does the brand build a connection with followers?

The truth is, gimmicks may or may not work, but great content is always recognized. So even before a brand sets out to aggressively start promoting campaigns, it needs to pay attention to how good its campaign is in the first place.

2. Using word of mouth

While word of mouth would be more of digital communication, the principle remains the same – building goodwill through recommendations, reviews, and feedback from actual clients. People trust other consumers more than celebrities, a fact that has been proved extensively through the success of Influencer Marketing in recent years.

This is why a brand needs to build campaigns that encourage their existing followers to give recommendations to other, potential followers and spread the word.

3. Engage as much as possible

Engagement can very well be called the backbone of communication on a network like Instagram. The more a brand engages with followers, the more likely they are to continue following that page and also share content that they find appealing. And of course, with more shares comes more visibility, and that’s how a strong following is built – it’s all about visibility.

By responding to comments, mentioning through tags, engaging users in polls, questions, contests, giveaways, and much more, a brand can ensure that followers are always interested in coming back to their profile, paying attention to their campaigns, and eventually converting the engagement to sales.

4. Making the most of a business profile

Instagram business profiles are pretty much a gift to brands. There are tons of features that allow businesses to brand themselves, publicize campaigns, reach a specific target audience, schedule Instagram posts and stories, and of course, remain consistent with their feed.

All of these, teamed with the insights and statistics that Instagram photo downloader provides to business profiles, make it a must-have option for all brands who are looking to boost their profiles.

Organic Following is Vital

While there are tons of viable options for brands to instantly boost their follower count and reach millions of people at once, it’s always smarter to move in this direction once a strong foundation has already been built. And the best way to build this foundation is to do it organically. Getting followers to come to a profile and be interested enough to follow the page takes work, lots of strategizing and – consistency is the key!

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