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USB Drives are known to be very portable and can easily connect with all computers, whether Mac or PC. the drives are small storage devices that are made to write and rewrite data through USB computer ports. Talking about custom USB drives, it simply means getting your company’s brand or logo customized on the USB drives.

Selecting the Right Custom USB Drives

Before you decide to customize your USB drives, there are some considerations you must keep in mind. After these considerations are cleared, then you need to go for wholesale USB drives.

  • Know the difference between USB 2.0 and USB 1.1

USB 2.0 is the latest version of USB drives that permits a high-speed data upload and download than the USB 1.1. You need to confirm from your store when buying yours.

  • Tier 1 USB drive memory

You have to be sure that your custom USB drives are top-rated quality. These types of drives ensure faster speed and create a good impression of your company’s logo on the drives.

  • Memory capacity

Custom USB drives are available in several storage sizes. It can be as low as 512MB, or high as 128GB. The size of the drive you want should be determined to suit your customer’s needs. 

  • Are your clients tech-savvy or have a USB drive already? If this is yes, then pick a USB drive that will match with the one that already has, it could be a clip n carry kind of USB drive. The common sizes for these people are 4GB if they are tech-savvy and 2GB for other purposes.
  • What do they love doing after work? Presentations and spreadsheets do not require lots of space, but if your customers are the types that prefer music, photography, they might need a bigger storage unit. 
  • Have you checked the incremental cost? The difference between the price of 4GB and 2GB USB drives is not much. But remember that the storage capacity wil determine how long the user will want to hold on to the flash and how important it will mean to them.

Methods Of Promoting Your Business with Custom USB Drives

After all these considerations, you don’t just want a flash for fancy but to enhance your business. See some tips on how you can promote your business using a custom USB drive starting from prospecting, and up to re-engaging old customers. 

Take USB drives to shows and share them: Before sharing them, make sure to preload the drives with all your business literature such as white paper, datasheets, articles, and catalogs. Many individuals don’t keep fliers shared at trade fairs and shows, but they will never throw away USB drives, more especially if the drive is designed with a nice key ring. 

Use the USB drives as a reference after sales promotion: After you have done a compelling presentation to your prospects, you can leave them with USB drives and other materials for them to further go through and have a second look at what was shown to them during the meeting. Make sure to include all relevant files on the drives.

Use custom USB drives to create a custom presentation
: This is just so simple and a great method to follow up on a prospect, especially if the person is not in the same location as you. All you need to do is create a custom presentation for that individual and send the USB drive to the person. Most times, this can win a prospect better than making boring calls. Make sure the presentation you are sending is well detailed and understandable. In all, ensure that your company’s brand is perfectly customized on the USB drive.

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