Customer Portal: Best Decision for Business to Get in and Stay Competitive in Logistics Field

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In business, you must provide the best customer experience to keep customers. This means getting their product to them in the most efficient manner while providing information on when it will arrive and its place in the delivery process. While that once required phone or email contact with a customer service representative, today you can purchase logistics management software to set up a self-service customer portal.

What is a customer portal?

The term customer portal refers to a website application that lets customers handle all aspects of the ordering, shipping, and receiving service without contact with a representative of the transportation company. If you have ever used the website of the US Postal Service, Federal Express, UPS, or DHL to plan a shipment or track a package, you have used a customer logistics portal developed using logistics software. Just as you tracked the birthday gift a family member sent to you, you can provide your customers with those same benefits and ease of use.

Key Functions of a Logistics Software and Portals

Your logistics portal lets an individual plan their shipping needs online without contacting a human being. They set up an account on your portal. This account stores all of its information. They can log in and plan a shipment, print shipping labels, set up a package pickup, track the status of a package shipped by your company, or travel via your transportation service. Both the sender of a package and the receiver can access this information through the portal to ensure package safety.

Benefits of a Logistics Portal Service

A logistics portal service lets you instantly improve customer service without recurring costs. Employing a large staff of customer service representatives creates a large recurring cost. You can create a portal for a one-time-cost and serve it from your existing webspace.

Low-Cost Portal

The cost of these portals remains low. This makes them affordable to small, medium, and large-sized businesses equally.

You reduced your company’s operational costs while providing better tracking information on every truck in transit or package delivered. You no longer need to devote a sales representative or logistics manager to the duty of answering customer inquiries.

Easy Access To Information

Customers appreciate the easy access to information. You make them more productive by providing autonomy. Features like package tracking text alerts let them know on-the-go, the location in the delivery process of the product they need.

Reduced Documentation

You reduce documentation errors and delivery mistakes. Since everything gets typed into a computer screen, you never worry that one looked like a seven, so a package went to the wrong address.

Increased customer satisfaction

All of this results in Increased customer satisfaction. Your portal provides them with 24/7 access to shipping services. You also enable them to easily access historical data on their own shipping, receiving, and ordering. This results in better business decisions for them but makes you the hero because you provided the easily accessed information.

Easy Tracking

Your portal lets the customer track packages and truckloads. This real-time tracking improves its operations.

The portal provides you with free marketing visibility. It acts as an advertisement for your firm.

Enjoy the benefits of implementing one of these portals so your customers can better access your services and their delivery information. Reap the benefits of this type of cloud app for streamlining your business operations.

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