5 Reasons To Avoid Going On The Dark Web


If you have been using the internet for quite a long time, you might already have heard about the term “dark web”. The term is recognized as a “bogeyman” of the internet by the users. To some people, it may seem like a myth but it’s a real thing. Do you ever wonder what is dark web and why it matters a lot?

What is Dark Web and Why Does it Matter to You?

Let’s start with an analogy so that it gets easier to understand. Suppose the internet is like a city. There go some highway roads and main streets through which the main activities go on. And then there are also some side streets that are unusual where you don’t visit but you can get find an unexpected gem. Then again there are some back rear entryways and obscure zones that you keep away from even in the light and unquestionably would prefer not to wander down in obscurity.

Just like these roads, the web goes through three layers. The default web we normally use is the surface web, where we search with Google or Bing. Then there comes the invisible web, aka deep web, where you can access through the content but they are not indexed or searchable. The websites of banks, web-based emails, and other resources tend to remark their existence on the deep web. And finally comes the dark web, which is not easily accessible. You need extraordinary effort to get through this web, like a secret knock. The dark web is should be avoided because all the bizarre, shady and illegal activities tend to take place in the shady alleys and black areas. 

Reason to Avoid the Dark Web

Now that you know what is dark web and what happens in it, it’s time to make a bit more sense that we really should avoid in the first hand. 

1.Crypto Scams

Crypto scams take place even on the regular web. If you have been using the internet over a few years, you must know how disturbing and disrupting the scams can be. Even in 2018, Facebook was compelled to ban the advertisement policy of cryptography just because of the crypto scams. If these scams are so common in the default web, just imagine what it would be like on the dark web. The techniques that the scammers apply on the dark web are almost the same as the ones they implement on the regular web. But the dark web is not watched over by any networks or forums to turn down the scams that make it a disgusting place. 


Hoaxes have been ruling the world of the dark web. They make you return with nothing in hand when you want to part with your money. People happen to be creative and there are a variety of hoaxes on the dark web. They can be very disgusting and disheartening on dark surfaces such as “red rooms”. Now if you are questioning yourself “are red rooms real?”, then know that they are real at times. In these rooms, they tend to show the footage of torturing humans or animals along with footages of murders and rapes. In fact, re3d rooms are the worst form of money-grabbing scams. 


The big fishes of terrorism tend to use the dark web so that they remain anonymous and their plans don’t get leaked. Terrorist groups like ISIS conduct with one another to disseminate information on the dark web. Also, Rawti Shax and other anonymous hacktivist groups are found using the dark web to make plenty of their crimes. 

4.Abnormal Pornography

Abnormal pornography is overflowing on the dark web. They like to promote child pornography and other pedophile rings within their web which is really heinous. The FBI utilized malware and various hacking tricks and was successful to bust down a dark website that was promoting child porn. They likewise arrested three criminals and compromised 1000+ computers. Not only child porn, but you can also even get to see revenge porn on the dark web which is a massive problem.

5. Phishing Scams

You may already know how dangerous phishing scams can be. In case you don’t know, be careful enough to stay away from such scams because it doesn’t result in a good way. The way that the web addresses are presented on the dark web will make you easily fall victim to such scams. It may completely hack the whole of your operating system, so be cautious about your privacy. 


All these abnormal stuff make the dark web unsuitable for users. Why would you8 use such a web surface where there is no privacy and security for you? It is even disgusting to your mind as it promotes things that are not normal to one’s eyes. Considering the reasons mentioned above, it is clear that one should keep himself completely away from the dark web.

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