Delta Exchange – Key functionalities and Security Features | How To Get Started with trading Altcoin Swaps! 


A barely one year period is certainly not good enough to judge any company’s success or failure in the market. But there can be hardly any denying that Delta Exchange has more than proven its mettle in this very short span of time. So much so that today many industry experts claim that in the near future Delta is one player that can challenge Bitmex’s hegemony in the crypto derivative space. Only time will tell whether this prediction will indeed come true or not but for the time being we’d like to shed some light on Delta Exchange’s key functionalities and top security features.

After all, these very features are playing an important role in Delta’s rapidly increasing popularity in the investor’s community. And if you’re indeed a diehard crypto investor or new to the crypto investment world then the chance to get a hands down knowledge on Delta’s top features should make for an exciting read. What’s more, we’ll also be looking into how you can start trading altcoin swaps on Delta Exchange.

Key functionalities and Security Features of Delta Exchange 

High and Reliable Liquidity:  Delta Exchange is among those platforms that offers deep order books and as a result, Delta’s investors never have to worry about the liquidity on the platform. Apart from Bitcoin, Delta offers perpetual swaps on 13 leading altcoins making this platform a dream destination for investors who want to dive deep into the crypto investment world.

Leverage Trading: Acknowledging the critical fact that leverage trading is one of the time and tested profit seeking techniques, Delta offers maximum 100x leverage on Bitcoin and maximum 20x leverage on leading altcoins. And just like other top platforms, this platform also offers leverage through future trading on altcoins like ether XRP futures and Ether Futures and perpetual contracts. For all those who are new to the crypto investment world then they should know that future trading serves as a much better option than the tradition marginal trading. Mainly because future trading offers higher leverage, higher liquidity as well as higher flexibility.

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Simple and friendly interface: By building an uncluttered and uncomplicated interface, Delta Exchange truly personifies its ‘ease of trading’ philosophy.  Even the most experienced crypto investors will have to agree that Delta’s main trading terminal boosts one of the friendliest interfaces out their. This acts as a much needed catalyst for new and novice crypto investors who are obviously on a lookout for platforms that don’t bombard them with complicated information and terminologies. Not to mention to make things really ease for novice investors, Delta also offers the feature of ‘mock trading.’

Safe and secure: We’d also promised to shed light on Delta’s safety and security features. Investors can be absolutely rest assured about the safety of their investment as this platform uses enterprise-grade multi-factor security for all the digital assets.        


How To Get Started with trading Altcoin Swaps?

It is almost like a ‘walk in the park’ as far as trading altcoin swaps on Delta is concerned and we aren’t exaggerating about this in any way. After all, investors can start trading Altcoin Swaps on Delta without much effort and time. All they have to do is sign up & register, which barely takes few minutes. There are absolutely no lengthy procedures and formalities to make a formal entry in Delta’s derivative market. And as soon as traders land on the main trading terminal page, they can immediately start trading.

As has been mentioned above, Delta’s main trading terminal boosts a very simple & uncluttered interface and this makes trading all the more easier. But just in case if anyone wants to get completely acquainted with Delta’s main terminal then the option of ‘mock trading’ is available.

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Mentioned below are some of the important facts to know before you start trading on Delta Exchange.

  • Delta does not charge any deposit fees and investors can deposit only bitcoins in their wallet.
  • The maker fee is negative i.e traders are entitled to receive rebate
  • Investors can withdraw their Bitcoin deposits after a manual review that is carried out once in every 24 hours.
  • Withdrawal application is usually processed between 12pm – 3pm UTC standard timing. It must be noted that clearance of withdrawal applications happens on the next working day if the application is received after 11am UTC.