3 Different Types of Airsoft Guns and Their Features


An airsoft gun is a toy or replica gun used for airsoft sports. They are smoothbore, low-powered air guns that are specifically designed to fire non-metallic objects of spherical form, which are generally referred to as “BBs”. Typically, this type of ammunition is manufactured from either plastic or a biodegradable resin compound.

There are online suppliers of airsoft guns, like Fox Airsoft, one of the top rated airsoft gun stores, who can reliably kit out hobbyists with their weapon of choice. A weapon that is of good quality and will serve their needs well. This article will discuss the features and differences of three different types of airsoft guns available.

Electric Airsoft Rifles (AEGs)

AEG stands for “automatic electric gun”. This means that it uses batteries to power the gears and pistons which fire the BBs. The alternative to it is the GBBR, which stands for” gas blow back rifle”. In this case it uses the power of compressed gas as its power source. GBBRs will use what is know as “green gas” to shoot the BBs loaded inside it. Both can be considered excellent guns but there are some key differences between them. Typically, AEGs are cheaper than GBBRs. Another disadvantage of the GBBR, compared to the AEG, is that it does not generally feature a recoil of any kind. Many users will want their gun to have a kick to it, so that there is some realism about its action. For a premium, a GBLS DAS GDR15, which has a realistic blowback, can be obtained. With the AEGs, it is particularly important to buy a good quality one, as the cheaper AEGs can lack accuracy.

AEGs are the most common of the airsoft guns available due to their high quality and the variety available. Most beginners will use AEGs because they are reliable and upgradeable, in comparison to the GGB rifles or pistols.

Airsoft Sniper Rifles

An airsoft sniper rifle will use a magazine that is gas or propane filled. When its bolt is brought back and its BB chambered, the gun’s internal hammer will strike the valve knocker after it is fired, which will in turn strike the magazine’s value and release the gas that propels and fires the round.

The legal effective range of a sniper rifle is approximately 110 yards (100 metres). This is possible with a sniper rifle replica that has been upgraded to a high standard. Most airsoft sniper rifles are used in field play have effective ranges of around 47-73 yards (43-67 metres). It depends on the gameplay role that it is intended for what range will be required.

Airsoft Pistols

The airsoft pistols will resemble the traditional firearm but be capable of shooting plastic pellets that are non-lethal. They are generally a gun for target practise and for use in military-style games. That is, they can be used similarly to those used as paintball or BB guns. They have also been known to be described as imitation firearms or non-powder guns. It can be all about how they are marketed. The fact is, they are a toy imitation that displays a sense of adult realism.

The airsoft pistol has a spring-powered action. It is a single-shot weapon that makes use of elastic potential energy that is stored inside a compressed spring coil that drives a piston air pump. This is released after the trigger-pull and then quickly pressurises the air that is within its pump cylinder to then blow pellets down the length of its barrel.

So, three types of airsoft gun to choose from. AEGs would seem a better alternative than GBBRs, although a specialist supplier can advise more on that. The airsoft sniper rifles can have a long range of up to 110 yards (100 metres), if required. The airsoft pistols are very realistic in relation to what they are replicating and can be used for target practise.

For an article on airsoft pellets, follow the link.

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