How to Talk to Your Kids about Their Digital Reputation


Digital Reputation for Kids

Kids are usually very concerned about their digital reputations and technology. Most of them tend to take what they see on the internet very seriously. This is the main reason why most kids want to be as popular as possible on the internet. There have even been cases of suicide when kids feel that they are not as popular as they would like. As a parent, you have the responsibility of talking to your child about his or her digital reputation. Here is how to effectively talk to your kid about digital reputation:

Be Gentle

It is important to make sure that you are as gentle as possible while talking to your children about their digital reputation. This is because if you condemn the children and talk to them harshly, they might feel even more unpopular and this can have catastrophic results. Your children need to feel that you are on their side even if they are not very popular on the internet. You also need to let them know that being popular on the internet is not very important. All this should be done in a very gentle manner so that your kids can understand and believe what you are saying.

  • Do Proper Timing

As a parent, you might notice something wrong while using a parental control app such as Family Orbit which is found at Some of the things you might notice include your child visiting websites that contain explicit content or other types of misleading information. Most of the children visit such websites so that they can be popular among their peers on the internet. When you notice such things, it is important to do proper timing when talking to the children. You should talk to the children when they are in good moods and ready to listen. By choosing the appropriate time to talk to the children, you will have significantly increased chances of the children listening and understanding what you are saying to them.

  • Use Real-Life Example

There are a lot of children and even adults who have suffered a lot trying to enhance their digital reputations. These include people in your neighborhood or people who are popular in society. You should use such examples while talking to your children about digital reputation. By providing real-life examples, your children will know that trying to be popular online can have negative effects. Just make sure the examples you are using are easy to understand for the children. This will let the children understand that what happens on the internet is very different from what happens in real life. Because of this, your children will be able to control their digital reputations more effectively.


If your child is getting stressed because of not being very popular on the internet, you should take the initiative of talking to him or her. If you apply the outlined tactics while talking to your child, there is a very high chance that the child will no longer be stressed because of not being so popular online. Consequently, ensure you always use the right tactics while talking to your children about their digital reputations.