Does Instagram Notify You When You Screenshot a Story?


Ig story is the instant post section of Instagram. These are different as compared to regular posts in some aspects such as the Instagram feed is evergreen, and it never disappears. On the other hand, stories last for only twenty-four hours and that is why are commonly called instant posts. Feed posts can be in any direction and orientation, however, the stories are always vertical. 

Stories do not take up any space in the feed but are displayed at the top of the app, defined as the stories’ bar. Stories are more alive than the feed posts and enhance public engagement through live stickers, polls, or other questions that you can answer through direct message that shows how advanced technology we have now. An interesting fact of Instagram stories is that they let people try new things. Although you can do that on the feed posts also, stories, provide better opportunities for adventures like polls.

People prefer stories because they are more in-the-moment captures and reflects the person’s current mood and life. They grab attention. People usually skip feed posts while scrolling down but stories, as they are present on the top are not missed easily, and for this reason, Ig story views are always more than the regular post likes.

Screenshotting a story

Instagram stories are more personal to the user and should be screenshotted without proper authorization or permission. Unlike snap chat, Instagram does not have the feature that notifies you when your story is being screenshotted. It is not liked by many people as screenshotting stuff can lead to copyright frauds and many other crimes.

Instagram does not notify you if your video is being recorded on any other device. Or any of your story or feed post is being screenshotted. Ig started a testing feature in February 2018, and people were being notified if any such thing occurred to them. But the feature didn’t stand the test of time, and it was soon removed from Instagram, in June 2018. After this, anyone anywhere in the world can screenshot your posts and stories.

But, there is no official news on whether this feature has left Instagram for good. Chances are high that Instagram will soon launch a powerful, upgraded version of the feature to add to your privacy.

Instagram is not that dumb

You can walk away with your hands clean after screenshotting another’s story. But this is not true for direct messages. Direct messages or DM are the texts that are exchanged in the inbox of Instagram. These include some messages which are set to disappear after a set time. Upon reaching the time limit, the picture, video, or any other information you have shared fades away and is not retrieved unless the sender has not saved it.
Instagram is smart here and notifies you when such direct messages sent by you are screenshotted. You need to be clear about one thing. This notification only results if something with disappearing content has been shared. For normal direct messages, screenshots are protected from such features.

Instagram-followers screenshot a lot

If you are an influencer, anything you do has the right to be screenshotted. Followers on Instagram consider Ig stars as idols and try to copy them as much as they can. So they screenshot almost everything an influencer does. It is one of the prime reasons why Instagram doesn’t feel the need to inculcate a notification feature for such activities.
Social media is like an open book. If you have interacted with your followers, there is nothing to hide or feel insecure about. Hence getting screenshotted is not such a big deal.

Screenshots are trendy

In recent years, after the following count and the number of likes on an account’s posts, screenshots have been evolved as decisive factors for popularity. Instagram recognizes the most screenshotted account every year and acknowledges their work. This is a clear verdict that screenshots are nothing to worry about.

Final take!

Whether or not you should be notified by Instagram when anything belonging to you is screenshotted. Orthodox minds believe that this is robbing your intellectual property. Contrarily, pre-modern minds say that social media is the platform for sharing and caring. And taking screenshots is not something to be notified or concerned about.


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