Domain SEO – How Does It Work?


SEO is an acronym that has become as familiar as a part of doing business online, as “www” has. Search engine optimization is such a buzzword term that many website developers seek writers with more skill in SEO than they seek writers with proper grammar. Keyword phrases are being requested a certain number of times as a part of articles for websites to help try to ensure the article posted is among the top of the search results.Domain SEO may be able to help give your page a boost.

The Search Process

In order to write with the goal of being found by a search engine, it’s important to know how they work. So, how do they?

First, search engines send out bots to review website content. New websites and websites with recently-changed information get the first look. These bots review URLs, maps, and codes to determine the content. Next, reviewed websites will be indexed so as to categorize data for positive or negative signals. This is used to rank the websites and display them in order of how they scored during the indexing process. 

Search Engine Optimization

It is underestimated how much work is put into the search algorithm to bring up the best potential matches. Search engine bots review grammar as well as content because a part of the rating system is to try to promote high-quality, relevant information over similar content. The proper subject-verb agreement suggests that the content creator is familiar enough with the subject to hold an educated discussion on it. Industry jargon that does not fit with the subject matter can lead a bot to mark down on a page.

Even hyperlinks are judged by the bots. A webpage that uses links to other sites for references will be rated by the sites that are used as references. A webpage discussing current events will be ranked higher – even for the same words – if the reference sites are trusted news sources versus personal blogs that are ranked low by search engine bots. 

Search Engines and Domain Names

Do search engine bots consider domain names? Actually, they do. That’s why there are so many spam websites with such blatant names. Something such as “” will likely show up when someone searches “info on how to get rich fast” (until the website is determined to be a junk website by the bots).

The domain name impacts your search ranking through branding and keywords. The typical recommendation is to choose your business name and website name around the same time, so there is not any confusion between the two. This does not necessarily mean that a brand name must be in a domain name. 

Domain SEO 

In today’s online world, not everything is limited to dot com, biz, net, or org. Now, the dot name can be customized. This can be particularly helpful when it comes to making your website more SEO-friendly. By removing the unimportant close after the period, and replacing it with another word of your interest, your website can stand out among others using similar names when it comes to being searched.

One such example is “online.” “.Online” has become a new domain that is moving several companies to the top in search results. Louder Online, an Australian digital marketing agency, moved from to, and is now ranking closer to the top of Google’s searches. If you do an online business, and that business name can use “online” as the last word, it can create the illusion that the entire domain name was customized for your business, lending extra credibility points that move it up in the search results. 

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