Easy Tips for Caring for Folding Bicycles

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Folding bikes are now being loved by young people. Apart from being part of a healthy lifestyle, folding bikes are also a trend in itself for those who are active in outdoor activities. You could say, there are many folding bicycle lovers, even already have communities that can be found everywhere, of course, including in the city where you live. Maybe, you are also one of the people who likes to use folding bikes and maybe you already have one. However, the important question that you must answer this time is, have you taken good care of your folding bike? If you are still confused as to what you should take care of your folding bike, try to follow the following methods of caring for a foldable bike singapore to make it durable.

Washing Routinely

Many consider this to be trivial because it looks normal, but washing folding bikes should not be arbitrary because it requires extra attention. When washing your folding bike, you will probably rely on the water spray. Be Careful! Try not to use the water spray you use to have too high pressure. High-pressure water spray when used especially on vital parts such as hubs, brake cables, and shifter which do not have a wrap will actually damage these parts. The proper way to clean a folding bicycle is actually enough to water and wipe it evenly, no need to use water spray, especially with high pressure. When washing is complete, you need to wipe all parts of the bicycle, especially those that are a little difficult to reach, with a dry cloth. Make sure all parts are completely dry so that they don’t rust.

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Also pay attention to other important parts such as the handlebar hinges, the tire circumference, the valve under the seat, the support frame around the tire as well as the pedals. To be more sure about the cleanliness of your folding bike, also pay attention to the BB section, which functions as a water channel. Make sure that the part is not clogged with any dirt, especially mud. Now that everything is clean, let’s move on to the next section.

Pay attention to the important operational parts of folding bicycles regularly

The important operational part in question is a series of shifter cables, brakes, and bicycle chains because they control motion when your folding bike is being driven. If possible, try to treat these parts regularly such as providing special lubricating oil in order to prevent them from wearing out or rusting. If you let it wear or rust, your folding bike will be uncomfortable to use or even harder to ride. Especially in the bicycle chain, if lubricating oil is not applied, it will cause noise and feel heavy when pedaling. In the end, the bicycle chain will actually damage your favorite folding bike gear. You don’t want to, do you? For that, routinely provide lubricating oil so it doesn’t dry out so that it doesn’t easily wear out and rust.

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