Sweat The Small Stuff: Easy Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

How can you keep your employees happy? It’s a question asked by business owners all over the world. Well, leaving aside the bowling trips and foosball tables, you may be surprised at how straightforward some of the ways you can keep your employees happy actually are. By following these tips, you’ll create a welcoming and more relaxed work environment that people will be happy to be a part of and generate more output as a result. 

Spice Up the Work Environment 

We all know just how much of a drag the 9 to 5 can be. Prevent this by including a few new elements that employees won’t have encountered in other work environments. This can include scheduling walking meet-ups to re-energize your staff and let them get some fresh air, maybe implement working from home so that staff don’t have to threat about rush hour traffic every day of the week, or even have your next 1 to 1 meeting at their favourite coffee shop. 

Celebrate Your Staff and Not Just Their Work 

Your employees are much more than just people who work for you. They have a lot more going on than just what is happening in their work life. You should take every opportunity you can to celebrate one of your employees’ accomplishments that may have happened outside of work. Bring out cupcakes for birthdays, showcase community awards, buy graduation presents; all of these different surprises will make your employees feel valued, not just as your worker but also as a human, making them feel much more comfortable in their work environment. 

Create a High Functioning Office Environment 

Having an office with top-of-the-line facilities and functioning utilities will create an environment that people are happy to work in. This does not have to cost much. By visiting websites such as Utility Bidder, you can compare the prices of multiple different suppliers of water, gas, and electricity so that you can pick the best option for you. 

Be a Motivator, not a Manager 

Forget the boss mentality, and it’s outdated. Your employees don’t want to be bossed around, they want to be advised and guided in the right direction, so make sure they feel like that’s what is happening. Many employees don’t feel valued or satisfied at work because of the lack of coaching they receive from their manager. Organisations tend to receive better results from staff after engaging in frequent training with them to help them in their role. 

Ask Employees to Write Their Own Job Description 

One of the main things that can create friction in the work environment is employees not doing the standard a manager thinks they should do. It can be a good idea to ask employees to define what their role should be. This means that you and they will be on the same page as to what their role involves; it also encourages them to embrace their job role, and it lets them feel like they are a part of deciding what that is, rather than simply having it dictated to them. 

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