Facing Slow Photoshop Due To Lags And Freezes? Here Is The Solution


When working with photoshop, the software can sometimes lag a little. That’s quite normal. But, in case, you have a new system or your software is also up to date, and you still face sluggish photoshop, you might need to find a solution to the problem.

It can be annoying when your system slows down or delays. Besides, there could be several other problems you may face, which would eventually hamper your work.

Want to know what these problems are along with the solutions? Then we are here to clear this cloud of confusion for you. So without any further delay, scroll down a little and fill yourself with all the answers. 

Problem 1: Photoshop freezes

If your photoshop displays a “Loading halide bottlenecks” message, be wary, it might crash down soon. Many users also report experiencing software crashes during startup.

First, let us understand the cause. It can be due to corrupt color profiles or large preset files. 

To solve this problem, update the software to the latest version. If the problem still persists, remove the custom preset files.

Problem 2: The application slows down while working on assets with various layers/files.

To resolve this issue, allocate more memory to this application, i.e., up to 80-85%. Click on “preferences” and then “performance.” You will get to know the available RAM space for the software. By default, it uses 70% of the RAM space. You can change this value with the help of the “Let photoshop Use” box. Remember not to make it more than 85% as it may hamper the performance of other applications by leaving no memory for them. 

Here is another solution – Choose the cache preset that suits best to your primary purpose. Adjust the photoshop cache size by selecting the right cache preset. There are three types of cache presets – Web design, Default/photos, and huge pixel dimensions. Web Design is meant for screen design or web and is suitable for multiple layers. Use default/photos to edit the photos from mobile or digital cameras. Use huge pixel dimensions for heavy documents, like if you work with panorama or matte paintings. 

Problem 3: Facing trouble with uncertified or untested hardware. 

Firstly, experts recommend not to use this application with uncertified hardware. But in case you’re still using it, here’s a solution to improve its performance – disable graphics processing unit use. To do this, go to “Preferences,” then “performance,” and finally deselect “Graphics processor.” 

The other way is to update the driver if it is not updated. If you still encounter the problem after updating, then go back to the previous version of the driver. 

Problem 4: Facing slowness while launching Photoshop

Reset the preferences if photoshop has recently become slow. Also, if your device has any anti-virus software, then disable it for a while. 

Do not load the third-party plugins. How can you skip these plugins? Close the software and relaunch it while hitting the “shift” key. 

Problem 5: It slows down while exporting assets or saving the files

To solve this problem, make sure that you have enough space on the hard disk. Additionally, you can add scratch disks to save the files easily. To do this, click on “Preferences” and then “scratch disk.” Next, tick the checkbox to select it and then restart the software again

To sum it all up

Facing few problems while working on any application is normal. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop your work. With only a few methods mentioned above, you can beat these issues and work smoothly on your assignment. Thus, create the best images with this impeccable picture editing software. 

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