Five Reasons You Need Employee Training Software

Five Reasons You Need Employee Training Software

The global pandemic has seen a massive change in workplace practices and operations. Many businesses have moved online and made the swap to remote working. The same applies to recruiting and onboarding processes. While this shift has come with its own benefits – such as lower company overheads in the form of corporate utility and rent costs – it’s not without its challenges, either. 

Even before the Covid 19 pandemic, companies were investing heavily in e-learning and training software for their employees. In fact, according to an e-learning study in 2019, the U.S government spent a whopping $2.59 billion on e-training for its administrative staff!

Some businesses choose to outsource their digital training through online seminars and workshops. Others, however, are purchasing software that enables them to build their own training programs instead. 

Here are five reasons why this approach is a great idea:



Imagine if each department in your company could create a comprehensive onboarding package for new hires. They could add video demos, FAQs, and role-specific guidance – all in one place! Once completed, this training would be available to all new employees starting out in that department. HR would simply need to hook them up with the program, and the onboarding process would take care of itself. 


  • Updating


In today’s fast-paced market, businesses are having to adapt quicker than ever to keep up with changes. Having a platform where all training is uploaded, categorized and maintained makes it much easier to assess when that training needs changing. Employee Training Software tools allow you to update information as and when you need it with zero hassle. 


  • Tracking


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Part of the issue with remote working is that employees aren’t always working to the same schedule. Knowing who has accessed what training when can sometimes become an administrative nightmare. Quality training software enables employees and managers alike to keep track of individual progress and ensures that nothing important gets missed along the way!


  • Consistency 


Having all your training in one place, delivered in a standard, regular manner helps avoid confusion and mixed signals. If everybody is reading from the same page, so to speak, there is less chance of wires getting crossed. A consistent approach to training results in a consistent approach to implementation – and is a win for all involved!


  • R.O.I


With Employee Training Software tools, you can measure the effectiveness of your company training processes. Feedback forms, questionnaires and other reporting tools will help you ascertain exactly how much your employees are gaining from their training. Using these metrics, businesses can adjust programs accordingly to achieve maximum results – and return on their investment!

These are just a few of the benefits that Employee Training Software can provide. If you’re looking for a platform where you can create amazing, tailored training and maximise your gains, why not take the leap today?

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