Gift Ideas for Dads That Love DIY


Whether you are looking for a Father’s Day gift or something for his birthday, not all dads will enjoy a cookbook, socks, or a sentimental gift. Some dads are looking for something with a bit more ‘umph!’ Which is why if your dad loves tinkering and DIY, we are sharing 6 gift ideas you should probably consider! 

A tool belt

Even masters of DIY can be a little forgetful. So, if your dad keeps leaving tools around the house, only to not be able to find them when he needs them, a chunky tool belt is the perfect gift. With it, he will be able to keep everything he needs to complete his next job. He will also feel pretty VIP too.

If you are buying the belt, you could also add a few new tools to his kit. You can get up to 40% off with this Northern Tool coupon.

A shop stool

As he gets older, his love for DIY may not die down, but his back will certainly need a break. If your dad is constantly arching over cars, workbenches, or the table, why not gift him a little relief with a shop stool. These seats are usually adjustable so you can work on projects at different heights. They are also fitted with wheels so that you can whizz around the workshop quickly and smoothly. 

A shed

A shed is a gift for both mum and dad – especially if the family is sick of dad’s half-finished projects scattered around the house. Give him his own personal space to tinker in the back garden with a brand-new shed. Plus, he will love the challenge of putting it up himself – so you do not even have to lift a finger. 

A flannel shirt

If he is going to play the part of DIY hero, he needs to look the part. And what better way than a new flannel shirt. If your dad loves to work on the outside of the house or in the garage, a flannel shirt will keep him warm during the chilly evenings. You can buy shirts from pretty much any store but heading to a tool shop will ensure you get a high-quality product that will last throughout the years. 

A portable barbeque

After a hard day of DIY, there is nothing better than a barbeque. But while you might have a gas grill in the back garden, you still need the option of barbequing while on the move. Whether you are heading to the beach, or love camping, a portable barbeque is a great gift idea that the whole family can enjoy. 

A good chair and some slippers

At the end of a big day, dad will need somewhere to relax. So, grab a good pair of slippers and a nice chair for the porch. This is a great idea for showing you appreciate all his hard work. 

Finding gifts that dad will actually like and use can be tricky. But DIY-themed gifts are the perfect idea for dads who can never sit still. 

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