Great Video Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses


The importance of marketing cannot be understated at all – it is the key to growth for small businesses. The challenge is often building a good marketing strategy on a small business budget. A good place to start is video marketing. There has been a massive growth in popularity for video technology, and there has also been growth in the availability of video production tools. Together, this has made video an incredibly relevant form of media, and is well worth adopting as a business.

Why Small Businesses Need Video Marketing

As mentioned above, video content is one of the most popular types of content online. From social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, to video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, the popularity of video is hard to miss. Videos on social media are a great way of building brand awareness, and improving a business’ online presence; and it can help build trust with audiences and customers.

But it’s not just good for external marketing. Some businesses have created video-based services that they have marketed to both potential and existing customers – an example of this is an organization we spoke to who provides IT support services in London; the company, TechQuarters, have their own video tutorial platform, which is popular with their customers.

In short, video marketing is versatile, but what types of videos in particular would work for a small businesses looking to adopt the strategy?


  • Intro Videos


As mentioned above, video marketing is a good way of building brand awareness; so why not start with an introduction video? This could be a video on your website that introduces the brand, the staff, and illustrate your company’s values and goals. In short, showing audiences exactly what your business is all about. If your business has an interesting history, or a funny origin story, then you might have immense success with an introductory video – it might even go viral!


  • Explainer Videos


Does your business sell a certain type of product? Or perhaps a service that lots of people need? Then you probably have the expertise to create some kind of explainer video. The majority of searches made on the internet are by people looking for help with something, if they stumble across your video, you may have just converted someone into a loyal customer. Explainer videos not only convey your expertise in a way anyone can understand, but it shows your goodwill as a business.


  • BTS Videos


Many reports and studies have found that consumers trust businesses more if they have a human element to their branding. People are losing their faith and trust in faceless corporate organizations, and audience trends are moving towards smaller, independent organizations whose brands aren’t completely polished and flawless. Audiences want to know the people they are giving their business to, which is why Behind the Scenes videos are a great style of video content. As a small business, you already have the advantage that it’s very easy to give audiences an inside look at your business – because your organization structure is simpler than that of a big business.


  • FAQ Videos


Much like the explainer video idea, it can be a great idea to create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) video. Most businesses’ website have an FAQ page. However, many people these days find it easier to take in information by watching a video, as opposed to reading a page full of text. Keep in mind that an FAQ video will contained a lot of information, so make sure that it is presented in a concise and snappy way; and make sure that watchers have the option to skip to sections in the video, rather than needing to watch the entire video before getting the information they are looking for.