Guide to Understanding Black Humor

So many individuals out there when listing what they want in a partner, they have a good list, but almost everyone wants a partner that is having a good sense of humor. Some could go-ahead to say they want someone that will make them laugh every day.

In dating, especially, sharing a vast amount of humor is quite essential. According to research, it has been discovered that a healthy relationship has humor as one of the most factors that keep it going even when it is rough.

A married couple, after their first five years of marriage, was interviewed and asked what has kept the relationship so cordial, their first reply was they share humor and are more of laughing partners.

So it was concluded that any relationship where they share the same style of humor tends to be more successful and lasts longer than those that don’t share a good sense of humor with their partners.

Typically, there are many kinds of humor that most people possess. In this article, we are going to treat some humor we have discovered. Also, read through to know if you possess any of them. See the one that well describes you and improve on it because its beneficial.

Physical humor

This type of humor is also referred to as slapstick. It has to do with more physicality of a person or act. It can be a funny facial expression, dressing up as a clown or mimes or maybe falling over.

Black humor

This type of humor is blended with dark, depressing underground themes. It triggers humor out of an unusual situation. Though black humor is not as popular as other kinds of humor, it can be hilarious.

Surreal humor

Just as the name goes, it is mostly a weird kind of humor. It is outrightly a silly style of humor that features absurd conditions, nonsensical themes, and illogical events.

Self-deprecating humor

Comedians, especially stand up comedians, make us of this in most of their stage performances. They make themselves the subject of their jokes, and this can get the crowd roaring with laughter.

Topical humor

Some happening events or trends in society can create this kind of humor. If one does not know about what is happening, the ability to make a humorous spin of the topic won’t be there.

Improvisational humor

This is a kind of humor that does not have a strategy or plan. This is more or less a spontaneous joke that comes, and the person says it raw, just as it is to create a sense of humor. It is funnier because it has to do with the situation that is happening at that time.

Observational humor

This kind can be hilarious. Someone that lives a happy life always can eventually make an observational joke in a gathering, at home, and anywhere based on what he sees.

Bodily humor

Though to some people, this could be irritating and not funny. However, to some others, it could be hilarious. It has to do with farts and some other actions produced or generated from the body. This kind of humor is most popular among men and adolescents.

In conclusion, some set of people, especially the educated ones, seem to find physical humor, not funny. But note that more advanced people find many things not amusing, although it depends.

In a nutshell, there are several ways of creating humor. If you want to amuse your friends or partner, you can make use of one of these styles and put them off their feet with laughter. Remember that a good sense of quality humor helps slow down the age effect and calms one from depression and hypertension.