How Are The Online Portals for GST Helping The Businesses


The new GST regime has brought a considerable change to the indirect tax laws in the country. But that is not it. The introduction of this law has also dramatically transformed how taxation laws work in the country. The law has taken a step towards promoting digital India with a robust GST website where you can find all the latest news about GST. Moreover, there is also a GST online portal that caters to make GST registration, payment, and filing return. An added feature of the portal is the new GSTIN search, using which you can find the GST number of any taxpayer.

All these features introduced under the GST Act have significantly added up to the benefits and value creation given by the Act. And we can attribute the most of this to the online GST portal. The portal has been fantastic in helping out the businesses and has significantly eased out all their GST management functions for them. I will tell you how, but before that, let us have a peek into what exactly this portal is!

What is GST Online Portal?

A GST online portal is a platform on the internet that you can access for easier maintenance of your GST transactions. You need to register in this portal with a user ID and password. This is a one-time registration, and after this, every time you want to access the portal, you can log in to it with your user ID and password.

The portal is one of the most important revolutions that has come under the taxation law until now. No other taxation law has such a portal to facilitate the taxpayers to the extent that they have the entire tax office at their door-steps.

With this online portal, you can totally eliminate the need to go to the tax offices and keep visiting them every now and then. You can simply perform every function related to managing your GST transactions right at your screen in some clicks of a mouse.

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Here are the ways this portal is helping the businesses to the maximum of their benefits, saving them a lot of time as well as energy.

Online Registration

It is imperative for you to get registration under the GST Act if you happen to fall under any of the eleven specified categories of the persons. You can get this registration online without many efforts. You only have to go to the portal and follow the easy registration steps. You can upload all your documents online. This way, you will not have to make rounds to the tax office in case you forget a document or lack any of them. In the registration through the online portal, even if you do not have some of the required documents, you can arrange them and upload them later. You can fill the form in parts as per your time. Everything is made very easy with the online portal, and the best is you can stay assured that your registration will not get delayed.

Downloading Certificate

With the online portal, the need for going down to tax office, especially for taking your certificate of registration, is eliminated. You can simply download the certificate from the online portal and have it printed to display it at your office premises. Moreover, you even need not to worry about the certificate getting lost. First, you have it in soft copy. And even if by any chance the soft copy gets misplaced or lost in your system, you can always download the certificate from the portal again. This also saves the cost, time, and energy spent to have a new certificate issued from the tax office.

Filing Returns

The filing of returns is one complicated procedure. With the physical procedure, there have been instances of people getting troubled with returns. The would have to make several rounds to the tax office before their return is finally accepted. These rounds to tax office convert in visits to the portal, which is much more convenient. You can fill out your returns easily through the online portal and submit them there as well. In case you need to make any changes, you can again access this online portal. So, the procedure becomes extremely easy and convenient for the taxpayers.

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Making Payments

Now with the online portal, you need not wait in long lines for making your GST payments. You just need to get to the portal and make an online payment in a simple step by step procedure. You can even complete the payment through online payment apps. Moreover, this online payment through the portal has an added advantage. You shall get an incentive in the form of a 20% cashback of your GST payment up to Rs 100. The government announced this incentive as a step towards promoting digital India.

Finding GSTIN

You need not ask your supplier for their GSTIN. You can simply search it on the online portal. The portal saves all the GSTIN registered under the GST Act for the convenience of the taxpayers. With such a GSTIN search, you can have an assurance that the supplier you are dealing with is a registered supplier, which is essential for you to know. This feature has substantially helped prevent a lot of incidences of fraud.


So, these all are the ways that a GST online portal helps your business ease out your business operations. You just need to know the correct use of it, and that use is pretty simple. All it takes is a registration number and a password. You will require a little more understanding, and it will definitely take you time to adapt to the portal. However, once you get adapted to it, this portal shall be the best thing that you shall have with you under GST. As said before, the portal is just the best and the most significant reforms in the taxation laws. So, have the most of this fantastic reform and do everything you can do on it, registration, payment, return filing, GSTIN search, certificate download, or just anything else related to GST.