How Does SEO Work in 2020


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique to maximize the value of relevant web pages so that the ranking and visitors of the Google Search Engine increase. SEO is done through a systematic process (analysis, implementation, report) which means to do SEO Techniques that fall into the Blackhat SEO / Whitehat SEO / Greyhat SEO category. Each technique has advantages and disadvantages. Such as Blackhat SEO that performs dangerous actions with the aim of speeding up a website’s ranking in Search Engine searches. A whitehat SEO is a natural and relevant action in increasing the ranking of a website. Greyhat SEO is a blend of the two previous techniques to improve website ranking.

SEO actually has a lot of positive effects on website or blog owners. The impact depends on the purpose of the website itself, for example, an affiliate website coupled with SEO techniques will increase sales of affiliate products. There is also an online selling website combined with SEO so that visitors increase, the same as sales will increase, and consumers will continue to return to your website. Here are some of the benefits of SEO.

  • The website becomes crowded with targeted keyword visitors
  • Customers keep coming to the website
  • Indirectly increase your income as a publisher
  • Search engine cache comes first
  • Business on the website is developing
  • Product sales will increase
  • There is reciprocity on the product affiliate website

Some ways of SEO works include:


Crawling is a process of taking all web pages that are linked to the website. This task is carried out by software called crawlers/spiders or Googlebot in the Google search engine.


Indexing is the process of making an index for all web pages that have been retrieved and stored into a search engine database. Basically, the indexing process is the identification of words and writings or descriptions that make the page entered in the search engine database with certain keywords.


When a search engine receives a request from a user, for example by typing the keyword into the search engine, the search engine processes by comparing the keyword with other pages from various indexed websites on the database.


Calculating Relevancy

On one web page certainly has more than the number of keywords entered into the search engine example on the keyword “SEO sense”, so the search engine performs the process by calculating the relevance of each page that has been indexed for each keyword received.

Retrieving Result

The final step in the search engine system is to take highly relevant results from keywords that have been previously processed and then display them in a list of search engine results in the browser.

Every month, search engines like Google and Yahoo! often updating dozens of algorithms related to relevance techniques in displaying search results. This was done so that the search results that are displayed actually display the right results and in accordance with the keywords entered. Although the basic principles of the search system on search engines are the same, the difference is the relevance algorithm used so that it causes search engine results between Google and Yahoo! slightly different.

Then how can you get the best SEO result? Here are things you must learn:

Basic SEO Concepts

What is meant by the basic concept of SEO is that you as a user should understand correctly how the work of the search engine, and understand well, what is needed by a search engine.

Keyword research

A keyword is one of the most important things when using SEO. Keywords are a way that everyone uses to search for something using a search engine. For that, you need to be more observant and clever using these keywords.

Content marketing

Content Marketing is often also referred to as modern SEO. Where most people use search engines to find information or certain content. So for those of you who want to succeed in online business, you should learn SEO and content marketing well.

Link Building

Link building is building links or networks that will make your website more famous, and make people want to know more about the web or blog.

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If you want to build an SEO Friendly business website, choosing WordPress as a website platform is right. Even so, there are some basic things that must be considered in optimizing WordPress-based SEO and SEO Service. Before talking further, there are two most important factors in my opinion which are the first key to the success of your SEO optimization. The first is server speed and the second is template selection. As good as any optimization is done, if the template and server you use are not qualified, SEO optimization will still not be effective. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check the two factors above using:

  • Google PageSpeed Insight
  • Pingdom Tools

With the two tools above, you will know how fast the server response and the loading speed of the themes you use. At the very least, a friendly website to appear on Google has an insight rating of 60 and above and a loading time of under 5 seconds.

Mandatory Plugins for WordPress SEO

Yoast SEO is a mandatory plugin for every webmaster and SEO practitioner. With this plugin, you can set the meta robot for each article, create an automatic site map, and integration with Google Search Console. Anyway, almost all the basic SEO features on WordPress are all summarized in this plugin.

Keyword Optimization

Previously, keep in mind that excessive use of keywords will not be beneficial for your website. Even still, the use of appropriate and relevant keywords will greatly help your web page rating in search engines.

Quality and Quantity of Posts

No need to elaborate, in the end, the quality of the writing and rich information on your web will determine everything. So, make your web visitors satisfied with the information you present, and make them linger with other relevant content.


After all of the above you do, the arrival of visitors from the Google search engine is only a matter of time. If you still find it difficult, it might be a sign that you need to recruit SEO consulting services to help jump-start your business appearance in search engines.