How is the Corona Virus Spread?

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The COVID-19 is spreading rapidly in various countries. Currently, globally it is reported that there have been more than 160 thousand confirmed cases with around 77 thousand of them recovered and 6,500 died. How do you actually spread the coronavirus? The World Health Organization (WHO) said that so far it is known that the coronavirus spreads through droplets or saliva splashes. This is because most viruses are found to attack the airways. You can read more on kiss pr news release.

The disease is spread from person to person through droplets that come out of the nose when coughing or exhaling. In addition, WHO also mentioned the possibility of the coronavirus spreading through exposure to contaminated surfaces. The reason is that the coronavirus is known to last for several hours outside the body. An infected person’s saliva splashes can fall on objects or surfaces around them. Other people can then get it when they touch these surfaces and then touch their eyes, nose, and mouth. To prevent transmission of the coronavirus, WHO recommends that individuals maintain a minimum distance of one meter from each other.

Worldwide Pandemic

The world is currently being shocked by the COVID-19 coronavirus which has become a pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) is working with TikTok to combat hoaxes about the coronavirus. WHO officially creates a TikTok account. In the description of the first video upload, WHO wrote to join TikTok to provide reliable and timely public health information. To date, the TikTok WHO account has shared six videos related to the coronavirus case. This account is followed by more than 390 thousand followers and 2.6 million users who like it.

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A number of irresponsible information about corona had circulated on TikTok. For example, the video contains two teenagers who spill Kool-Aid on a New York subway claiming the liquid to be coronavirus. There are also those who claim to have contracted the corona in order to get attention. Returning to the WHO TikTok video, WHO Infection Prevention and Control Technical Leader, Benedetta Allegranzi explains the use of masks. There is also an explanation regarding the procedures for wearing a mask that is coherent.

Quoting The Guardian, this collaboration provides a special page for a question and answer session regarding the coronavirus. For example, how to protect yourself, tips about the coronavirus, and when to wear a mask. Apart from videos, there are memes that provide education and proactive steps about the spread of the virus.

Benedetta Allegranzi who is in charge of Technical Head of Infection Prevention and Control at WHO, explained how to protect yourself from the virus. Allegranzi also appealed to the public to clean their hands as often as possible using alcohol-based products and use elbows or tissues to cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing. The COVID-19 outbreak produces information that is redundant, some accurate and some not, and makes it difficult for people to find reliable sources.

Final Words

In addition to uploading videos about steps on how to protect themselves from the coronavirus, in the second uploaded video, WHO advises healthy people not to wear masks. Masks are only used by health care workers, caregivers, and people experiencing these symptoms.

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