How London Web Designers Increase Website Traffic

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London, as the capital city of England, contains many creative individuals, including web designers. It is their creativity, awareness of competitive markets, and computer know-how that results in many businesses increasing their sales and profitability within a short space of time. Enlisting the help of London web designers has proved for many to be the ultimate return on investment.

So, in this article, we shall consider just how it is that web design London can achieve such excellent results when it comes to accelerating businesses to heights that they never could have dreamed of reaching until they signed up for their web design service.


Marketing tools such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) are used to make a website appear higher up in search list results, but the website itself can also play an important part when it comes to gaining attention and being noticed. This is because those websites that attract attention will be talked about by others. They will be discussed on social media and so end up in the thoughts of lots of computer users.

A highly visible website will need to consider the four elements below. These are important when it comes to website design.


This is how a website looks to others. We know when we have got it right when we can metaphorically put ourselves in the shoes of others. All businesses need to take that time to stand back and think about how we would feel about a website if we were the customer. Does it, for instance, look pleasing to the eye? Would it persuade us to use it? The first impression we receive from looking at anything is important because it is a lasting one. With a website, this is handled by background colours and how text colours work in combination with the chosen background.

It is vital that the font is readable yet has an element of sophistication rather than simplicity about it. A professional website designer will take care of this for you. They know the best fonts to choose from and will work on making your brand distinctive and one that stands out from the rest.


Engaging website content will sell products and services. This content needs to be relevant as well as exciting to read. There are even ways a professional website designer can make a block of text seem exciting. For instance, avoiding long paragraphs and making the contents as informative as it is interesting.


To interact with traffic on the web, web designers will recommend incorporating demonstration videos on a website. Many can take care of these for you as well as knowing how best to include them.

A picture can be the equivalent of a lot of words, and a video will add more words still. Interactive videos are the best kind of video to consider because they allow the viewer to interact with the video by being able to click on links for more information. They can include links to purchasing and leaving feedback. It is the feedback that indicates to a business whether they are getting everything right before they find it out in their sales figures.

If we entertain our customers, they will invariably come back for more and become regular users of our website.


Features of a good website are that it will be easy to navigate and its links will be visibly noticeable and easy to click on. If a website is difficult to use then customers will just find one from a competitor that works better. It is the duty of all online businesses, or part online businesses, to make online shopping as enjoyable as shopping in the high street once was. So many of us are switching to online and we will only stay shopping that way if we find the websites make it an enjoyable, easier, and hassle-free experience.

In conclusion, website designers from London will increase website traffic globally by adopting the above principles when designing websites for businesses. A website should look good, be engaging, and easy to use if it is to stand up against the competition and be the one that attracts the customers.

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