How To Create a Discord Account?

create discord account

If you desire to use discord, you should create a discord account at first. Without making an account you can’t run it and enjoy all the activities of it. 

Discord is one of the well-known apps that are perfect for gamers who desire to play in a group. Discord is a process that uses to make communication easy. It allows you to communicate with your friends by sending text, image or video sharing, and also audio.

It is useful as a freeware version and paid version app with its features. It is available with several platforms such as Windows, Mac, IOS, and even any Android.

Before creating any communication with any small or large group, you should create a Discord Account.

This article helps you to how to sign up for discord.

How to create a new discord account

When you go for creating a new discord account, you have to conscious and careful. It won’t take more time from you. You will do it within a few minutes, just following some significant steps. We discussed the steps below.

  • Open a new tab and browse by writing discord official site name
  • Go to their website and prepare yourself for discord sign up.
  • Tap on the ‘signup’ button. Here you have to add a little information about yours.
  •  At first, you have to add your Email address. So, try to use here your existed Email address so that you will get a verification message from the official discord website. 
  • Now you need to fill up and Username. Here you can use your full name or nick name. But add just like a name that you can keep remembers all the time when you will go for Discord login.
  • At last, you have to make a password. In this case, you should make a secure password so that anyone can’t interfere in your account. To create a secure password, you can use capital with a small latter plus a few symbols.
  • Now press the ‘Continue’ button for the next step.
  • In this step, you have created a discord account successfully. 
  • You have got an email from an official discord site. It comes for verification. Follow their steps for successful verification.
  • Open the email from inbox and then tap the Verify Email option. Now your email verification is complete. 
  •  Now you can use a discord account. To try the registered account, you can sign out and then log in as a trial. 

Completing the following steps, you have got permission to use discord. When you go to use your discord account, you will face a few issues that may disturb you, such as screen share issue or discord mic not working

How to create new multiple discord account?

Sometime it’ll become essential to create multiple discord account. You may think, is it possible or not. Yes, it’s possible and easy to make. Below we have shared a few steps; follow them and create multiple discord account.

  • At first, download and install the discord app.
  • Open the shift
  • Press on icon ‘+’ of Add Application
  • Search for the Discord
  • Press on the “Save” option
  • Now discord sign up to create an account
  • Repeat this task to create another discord account.

Now you can enjoy multiple discord account to play the game even with unknown players. If you want, you will enjoy discord streamer mode with your multiple discord account.

Finally, we are happy that we have shown you how to create a new discord account and even multiple discord account successfully. We hope this post helps you to make a new account simply.


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