How to Get Started in Commodities and Investing


Investing provides the best opportunity for long term financial security known to mankind. Humans have been investing their time (and energy) into a wide variety of commodities and financial instruments for as long as financial services and monetary systems have existed. Suffice it to say, that’s a really long time!

The first exchanges dealt in debt and bond-like financial instruments, but this quickly grew into the system of publicly traded companies that resembled the way in which stocks and commodities are traded today. The modern world takes inspiration from early iterations of stock and commodity exchanges, yet investors will find the trade of all manner of asset classes far easier to facilitate in today’s tech-driven world.

First things first — begin with research.

All investors require a high quality background knowledge in order to compete on the open market and make the most of their investments. Research lies at the cornerstone of a successful trading strategy, and this can only be built with sweat equity. Sites like Wealth Rocket (, MSNBC, the Motley Fool, and Nerd Wallet, for instance, all offer investors with a lifeline to this stream of data surrounding individual stock assets, interest rates, credit card options, savings accounts, online bank providers, and other financial resources that make up the core of an investor’s research diet.

The most successful investors of all time share this trait in common. They all make reading and research a priority that comes before everything else. Smart money doesn’t move much, but when it does, it needs a stable environment in which to land. While rebalancing a portfolio with a consistent regularity is crucial to finding long term success, the best investors out there make small movements when it comes to selling assets or revamping distributions across the board. The more you read and grow as an investor, the better you’ll be able to tailor your strategy to the exact needs that your personal situation demands.

Pick stocks that show long term winning.

In addition to long holding assets, it’s important to lock in investments that provide dividend growth, short term price surge potential, and many other traits that will provide you with a continuous flow of wins. No investor will net profit on every move all the time, but finding stocks, like Alamos Gold (NYSE:AGI), that provide continuous price growth alongside healthy dividend payouts is a great way to stack the odds in your favor.

Alamos is a gold mining company based primarily in Northern Ontario, with the Young-Davidson mine and Island Gold mine, as well as Mexico’s Mulatos Mine providing the North America-based subsidiaries of the firm). However, some of the most exciting gold mining projects that Alamos is working on reside in the Republic of Turkey (search “Alamos Gold, Turkey” for more information and specifics on these far-flung subsidiaries outside North America and the United States). Alamos is a world renowned producer of gold ounces, bringing in hundreds of thousands of ounces of gold every year. On top of the volume of gold produces at Alamos mines, Alamos is also an industry leader in reducing the carbon footprint of the mining industry more broadly.

In years past, firms would routinely use cyanide and other chemicals to blast through layers of rock, silt, and other organic materials to get down to the stockpile of gold ounces. By doing away with this practice, Alamos has positioned itself as one of the best investments in the mining space on stock exchanges in the United States and beyond. Investors and everyday consumers love a company that commits to environmental protection, and this is evident in the surging stock price that continues to perform admirably for shareholders.

Getting started in the investment world takes research and a strategy, start learning and growing today! Follow Techrado for more!

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